24 January 2020

Prevent or Fix – How DynaRent helps prevent asset breakdowns

Heavy equipment rental

A common saying states that it is better to prevent than it is to heal, or in this case, to fix. This also applies to asset management within businesses. It is preferable to fix an asset malfunction or breakdown before it even happens – a concept often referred to as preventative maintenance. This practice is a must for companies that work with assets on a daily basis.

Asset breakdown is a costly operational element for any business. Not only does this mean having to repair the asset, it also translates to decreased utilization, which no one strives for. Thus, organizations seek a way to better prepare for these breakdowns or, preferably, to prevent them from ever occurring. Preventative maintenance allows for setting up maintenance cycles based on particular variables, for example based on running hours, mileage, or time – even for future purposes – so your mechanics can be aware of upcoming inspections in a timely manner.

Heavy equipment rental

Image 1: Example of a consumption-based maintenance plan for running hours on an asset

Setting up maintenance plans

DynaRent offers all of these benefits – it allows you to set up maintenance plans on a product or asset level. Moreover, if you define your maintenance cycles based on your products, for example, if you know the cycles up front from your supplier, then they can be automatically inherited to related assets. Also, this applies to any meters that are related to the assets, because a maintenance cycle based on mileage does not work without an appropriate meter.

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Image: Example of a consumption-based maintenance plan for running hours on an asset

But does that mean that you can only select a single meter per asset? This is a question we often hear, but fortunately, the answer is no. DynaRent support multiple meters per asset, ensuring that multiple plans work simultaneously. And we do not stop there – each Component (used for asset structures can have its own maintenance plan. For instance, the upper and lower engines in a crane could each have their own cycles. This will trigger a work order once a specific interval or threshold is reached, with no manual interference required. All that you need to do is schedule this work order in our integrated Service Planboard.

Maintenance can be a tricky part of rental businesses. However, with proper input, a certain amount of data inheritance, and a process you can trust that does not require constant manual work, DynaRent can make life a lot easier. Still, we understand that sometimes even with these tools, carrying out all your work orders in a timely fashion can prove challenging. But not to worry! DynaRent’s delayed maintenance can take you even further by combining work orders that were not completed on time into new counterparts to ensure the proper maintenance your assets deserve.

Feel free to reach out to us below if you have any questions or for a free demonstration of our DynaRent solution within the Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations application. 

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Michiel Toppers
Michiel Toppers,
Michiel Toppers,
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