24 January 2019

Top 9 advantages of the PowerBI integration in Dynamics 365

Every company creates reports and analyzes data to gather information that is relevant for their departments or for their supervisors. Working with many Excel spreadsheets and different reporting services or applications is quite a tiresome process, which is not always as “real-time” as you may want it to be. Also, employees need special training to create these reports. The new integration of PowerBI into Dynamics 365 and DynaRent can deliver real-time information to and from all departments. In addition, users can see the information relevant to them where users can create their own.

With the release of the new Dynamics 365 and DynaRent, PowerBI can tap into all the information within the system and can create dashboards for each individual user, or allow an entire range of users (such as a department) to view the dashboards created for them.

Functionalities and benefits of using the PowerBI within the Dynamics 365 system:

  • Generate information in real time for each report.
  • Cross-reference comparisons and different types of data within the system to obtain the report you want.
  • PowerBI is easy to use, so users can easily create their own dashboards.
  • PowerBI is constantly being upgraded to deliver the newest innovations and meet the reporting requirements.
  • With the reporting cubes, all the information regarding your fleet is visible on these dashboards.
  • The warehouse team can view pending rentals, incoming rentals, and outgoing rentals so they can schedule their resources.
  • Maintenance and services can be scheduled by using reporting dashboards to provide alerts when the operations assets are scheduled for maintenance.
  • Review cases for customers or customer service based on priority and response time.
  • Create other reports to cross-reference with all the other modules within Dynamics and DynaRent to see customer trends or to analyze areas where business can improve.
Image: Example PowerBI functionalities

Utilizing data to create real-time information for your business has grown increasingly important. Now, with PowerBI and the functions of DynaRent, companies can analyze their rental data to increase company performance, customer service, and the service and maintenance of their fleet to ensure that they can grow to their full potential.

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