9 November 2018

How to get an intelligent data gathering network with IoT

Equipment Construction Site

Equipment management is undergoing a revolution in the way that data is collected and used to ensure that both managers and operators are safer and more knowledgeable. At the center of these changes is internet-of-things (IoT) technology, which has enabled the creation of vast data collection points and integrated them into an intelligent, flexible data gathering network.

You can deploy IoT technologies not just as fleet solutions, but also on public roadways and in personal vehicles. They will have the potential to completely change how we view and utilize our equipment.

The applications of IoT technologies are nearly limitless, and as the technology continues to develop. This will only continue to expand into new, previously unexplored areas.

Equipment Construction Site

Dashboards and work spaces

Dashboards (or work spaces) are an integral part of IoT functionality and of our DynaRent Solutions Suite. They serve as the hub for the data collected from all your sensor nodes. This IoT information can then be displayed in ways that can be easily assessed and acted upon.

You can choose to position only critical information on your dashboard, or to include broad information. This can quickly give you an overview of the health of your equipment. But dashboards can do even more. IoT data empowers fleet managers by giving them the information they need to proactively address issues when—or even before—they arise.

It also gives fleet managers access to an unprecedented number of actionable insights. They can survey the health and deployment of their operations in real time, and more efficiently allocate assets where and when they need them. This leads to greater efficiency and cost effectiveness.

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Michiel Toppers
Michiel Toppers,
Michiel Toppers,
Senior Director of Product Management

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