2 November 2018

How to manage your on-site project rental support

equipment construction site

Companies that work on industrial projects often use rental models to provide their customers with equipment. Maintaining this on project sites all over the world can be a difficult task, as direct access to an ERP is not always possible.

Rental ERP software

This normally means that it is done through workarounds on site, for example taking registrations on paper and later repeating the task in the ERP to actually record the registrations. Luckily, DynaRent has the functionality to create the registrations in the ERP automatically via a scanning solution or mobile device.

For example, you would like to track equipment used on project sites and at the same time make sure the right rental transactions are created in the system. Big project sites often have stock equipment on site that is not used right away but is there in case it is needed. In this case, the customer only starts paying for it when it actually goes into use.

equipment construction site
Equipment-driven companies are shifting from a traditional business model to online offerings.

DynaRent Solution Suite

In DynaRent you can create a specific project or even resource depot that allows you to keep track of what equipment you have assigned to the project and/or resource. You can link the equipment or resource to a barcode or other unique identifier, which allows you to identify them on site. This way, you can always provide the necessary equipment as requested. DynaRent allows you to keep track of this on a project level, and if needed, even on a resource level.

At the same time, the system creates or updates existing rental orders, linking them to the project automatically, with the right information. This saves time, limits manual mistakes and allows you to quickly react to situations like stock levels that are running low or to swap out equipment that has broken down.

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Michiel Toppers
Michiel Toppers,
Michiel Toppers,
Senior Director of Product Management

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