16 November 2018

Equip field resources with mobility solutions

Equipment Rental Field Resources

A trend in the current IT landscape is for businesses to focus increasingly on mobility solutions. There is a strong emphasis on equipping field resources with a tailored solution or part of an ERP system on handheld mobile devices. This not only offers benefits for the mobility of your field workforce but also allows for a smoother workflow – especially in terms of the transition from the field to your back office.

There is a distinct incentive to invest in mobility solutions. By doing so, businesses can provide integrated access to the ERP from anywhere, at any time to their field resources – something that was considered impossible not so long ago, but that has rapidly become essential. The era of paper trails, infinite phone calls between the back office and field employees, and relying on the memories of the field resources (who have other things to worry about) is behind us. Instead, the age of mobility solutions has arrived!

We are not talking about copying your ERP system into a tablet or mobile phone, but rather distinguishing which parts of it are useful for redesigning as an efficient mobility solution (or solutions that could work separately or are integrated to a certain point) for workers. Building a mobile application allows us to tailor it to a specific process – simplifying the options for its users. This increases usability on the one hand, but minimizes margins of error on the other, a win-win situation for both managers and employees.

“We want our mechanics to spend wrench time, not administrative time!” – DynaRent understands that.

Equipment Rental Field Resources

Rental companies are increasingly investing in mobility solutions

DynaRent PowerApps: Innovative Mobile Field Service

To meet this demand, DynaRent is building its own out-of-the-box PowerApps focusing on a range of processes in the day-to-day rental business. This will ensure that your truck drivers, crane operators, and on-site engineers can easily register hours, materials, or other costs associated with the tasks they do while still maintaining access to any info or details needed – all in a simplified version of the ERP solution. In addition, since we design our DynaRent Apps from scratch, we ensure that processes are straightforward, which limits “pencil whipping” or “fat finger” issues. Still, the user interaction ensures that in case anything does go wrong, real-time updates are sent to the ERP back office, which allows for quick fixes of any mistakes.

Feel free to reach out to us below if you have any questions or for a free demonstration of DynaRent’s PowerApps solution within the Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations application. 

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Michiel Toppers
Michiel Toppers,
Michiel Toppers,
Senior Director of Product Management

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