1 June 2018

This is how mobility field service can help you be paper-free

mobility field service

Paper-free mobility field service apps are improving more and more. They have become incredibly important for equipment-driven rental and leasing companies. There are many areas to explore in mobile apps for field service. As a result, in this article we will focus on the importance of choosing an app with workflows that guide employees through service processes precisely.

Mobility field service

How important is it to choose an app that lets you configure those workflows for everything? For example, by receiving, managing, and delivering service-related documents and communications from your ERP system, you can establish an error-free, 360-degree digital loop. In addition, this eliminates paper trails and digital information islands. Ideally, look for ISV software that integrates with ERP. In addition, it should have a paper-free field service mobility solution and a built-in connector for the mobile platform and your system.

Remote field engineers can define their processes and communications per task and can use their mobile device for:

  • Time & materials registration
  • Electronic signature capture
  • Mobile scanning to auto-register information
  • Formatted customer communications and invoices
  • Customer- and task-specific notes added by users

Consequently, with the right app, techs can open documents linked to service tasks and equipment from their mobile devices, and store pictures and other documents that transfer instantly to the back-office system.

mobile field service

Action management

In addition to the processes mentioned above, we deliver action management that automates sending and receiving documentation.

Configure triggers to auto-send documents via email to customers, partners, or suppliers, including approvals, status, invoices, and notices for completions, delays, or requests. For example, when a tech pushes a button that completes a job, action management can be defined so that all the job details and invoicing are sent to back-office employees and even as emails to customers. It’s not enough to go digital—you can be paperless and still have too many hands inputting information and pushing buttons. Action management sharply reduces manual input and back-and-forth among teams, departments, and customers.

With our latest version of DynaRent, we’re offering both proven and new ways to help your equipment-driven business thrive and grow—our primary goal. Curious about the possibilities, challenges, and solutions? Contact us below.

Michiel Toppers
Michiel Toppers,
Michiel Toppers,
Senior Director of Product Management

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