7 April 2016

“Mobile First” Field Service from DynaRent: tailored workflows

Field service from DynaRent: Mobile applications have become a necessity for equipment-driven rental industries. Especially the ones that rely on remote field engineers for service and maintenance. Solutions for field staff have been around for some time. But what today’s businesses want from them reflects how much and how quickly technology is changing ways of working. Mobile apps dominate the consumer marketplace. For businesses, the new Dynamics AX 7 is focused on everything mobile and cloud innovations can bring to the workplace.

Companies that choose Dynamics AX 7 will want ISV field service software that works on any device. In addition it needs to integrate with back office planning. The goal is to ensure field staff have anytime- anywhere access to work orders. And also all information needed to complete tasks, with connections to back office planning for receiving and sending information. But equipment services rental companies deal with routine to extremely diverse field service that can change in a heartbeat. Field roles need their information to be relevant. Planners need to send out orders quickly, and communicate changes for tasks and resource assignments even faster. Increasing first-time fix rate depends on efficient workflow and remote but always connected communication between planners and field staff.

What if you could have this and more with your application for equipment-driven field service? DyanRent has the edge for AX users. Especially with mobile field service capabilities that work out of the box to fit your business. And in addition enable remote techs to handle receiving, executing, and sending internal and customer communications from any location.

Increase first-time fix rate with workflows for diverse roles and tasks

DynaRent Mobile Field Service includes both a range of pre-configured, role-based workflows and a designer. This enables you tailor or create workflows that meet highly specific needs. Our workflow designer allows your company to ensure every service engineer receives the right information. Including diagnostics and the correct order for task execution. You also have the flexibility to change workflow in just seconds. And at the same time you have the assurance that field techs using mobile devices receive all updates instantly. If a task requires expertise from another tech in the field, planners can quickly enable techs to communicate with each other so that the “expert” receives the task and gives clear instructions on how to complete it.

Grow profits and customer satisfaction with end-to-end remote capabilities

DynaRent Mobile Field Service works as an extension of DynaRent in Dynamics AX, with remote connectivity that eliminates the need to “load up” work orders at depots and enables field techs to receive and handle all tasks and customer communications in one swoop. You save time, reduce costs, and give customers one seamless, flawless experience that’s backed in real time by planners and always-current information. Here are some of the future-facing highlights DynaRent offers:

  • Planning can send field techs all customer-facing information. Techs can validate work with customer, quickly communicate and receive change orders from planners, and email customers all completed communications, invoices, and other documentation.
  • Since it’s fully workflow-driven, DynaRent Mobile Field Service is bulletproof if techs need to go offline once they have all information. There’s no room for ad hoc errors and information syncs with DynaRent in Dynamics AX the next time they go online.
  • No cobbled together workflows that cause errors and eat up time—you can set up a roster of standard, tailored, and custom workflows that meet full range of needs, with flexibility to adapt a workflow without disrupting automation
  • Action management triggers workflow steps, eliminating manual input that leads to gaps and errors.
  • Create a paperless workplace with digital forms and documents that auto-receive and send information across the real-time Dynamics AX database. All information and updates spread across all areas of your business instantly—no trails to hunt down.
  • Sharply increase response times to customers with immediate updates from planners to field techs and vice versa
  • Speed up invoice cycles with onsite, immediate delivery of customer documentation via Mobile Field Service

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Michiel Toppers,
Michiel Toppers,
Product Director

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