22 May 2018

Mobile Field Service App: The 6 benefits that you need to know


Nowadays nearly everyone has a smartphone, tablet, or another device that they can equip with applications. Therefore, we have developed a Mobile Field Service App for Microsoft Dynamics AX to make life easier and work more effective. This powerful application for Windows, IOS, and Android is designed to optimize your equipment damage processes, and optimize planning, transport, and the service process. The planning department can release each employee’s activities via a services Planboard, forwarded to his or her mobile device. Then the employee can start working directly, and later update and complete the task on his or her mobile device quickly and easily.

What does the Mobile Field Service App contain?

The To-Increase Field Service App includes a simple yet effective overview in the back office and an option for navigation to and from the customer’s location. The app provides quick and efficient damage control when needed. Furthermore, the user can execute tasks and complete functional checklists to keep track of what has been done. In addition, you can register items consumed and working hours to maintain stock levels and billable hours. You can even add photographs to show the damage or confirm work provided. Finally, different parties can give their signature on the device.

Image 1: Example of work orders in the Mobile Field Service App

What are the benefits for your company?

  • Automated damage control via a smart and simple system
  • Increased productivity with real-time mobile connection
  • Mobile field service
  • Reduced paper trail as well as administration workload for the service department
  • Reduced order-to-cash cycles
  • Extensive reporting possibilities

If you want to empower your workforce to access enterprise applications on their mobile devices, please contact us for a tailored demonstration.

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Michiel Toppers
Michiel Toppers,
Michiel Toppers,
Senior Director of Product Management

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