6 November 2018

The latest trends in the mobile crane market

Crane Rental

Since the world’s population is growing, there is also a rising demand for the construction of houses. Major investments are taking place in the construction industry. Increased investments in real estate show that this is a growing market. Governments all over the globe are renovating their infrastructure after maintenance came to a complete standstill during the financial crisis. All these projects are causing an increased demand for heavy machinery and construction equipment. Mobile cranes are very versatile and extensively used in various projects in shipping, the oil gas industry, power plant construction, rail and road building, and the construction of dams.

In the Asia-Pacific region there is a large number of emerging countries. Combined with the high rate of growing urbanization and industrialization, it’s not surprising that this is one of the leading mobile crane markets. The European crane rental market is also significant, but not as large as the Asia-Pacific region. The Middle Eastern and North American markets, however, are quite saturated due to the declining demand for oil over the past few years.

Crane Rental

Growing demand of mobile cranes

When it comes to mobile cranes, we’re talking about several different types: all-terrain cranes, rough-terrain crawlers, truck cranes, crawler cranes, and others. All these types of cranes are used in a variety of industries. One of the largest industries that use mobile cranes is the mining industry. It uses very large cranes for the excavation of raw materials from open-cast mining fields. It’s not the fastest growing industry, but it has existed for a very long time and is still growing gradually. Therefore, there will always be a high demand for these cranes. Over the years, the need for crane rental software has increased as well.

DynaRent has piqued the interest of several crane rental companies. First of all, this is because it is a proven equipment rental solution, but also because several crane rental companies already use it successfully. Curious to know more about our solutions? Fill out the form below to contact us. 

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