24 February 2017

Top 3 reasons to use equipment rental software

If you use or are considering Microsoft Dynamics ERP or CRM, you’re likely aware of the benefits.  So you probably know that Dynamics Lifecycle Services can sharply reduce implementation. And it also saves software application management time and costs. Are you’re looking for ISV solutions to use with Microsoft Dynamics for equipment-driven rental, leasing, and services? We encourage you to see how To-Increase has put an expert spin on DLS.

Let’s look briefly at how our DynaRent solutions suite can be configured and managed. It is a custom industry solution, using standard software and methodologies. There are 3 top benefits we can offer. They come from working with customers to create industry-specific templates. Which can be used by partners or even directly by customers.

First let’s quickly summarize what we’ve added to Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services when it comes to our DynaRent solutions suite. DLS cuts time and effort for deployment, maintenance, and upgrades for Microsoft Dynamics applications. When it comes to DynaRent, HiGH Software has enhanced DLS with templates and tools. They let you configure up to 70% of industry- and business-specific needs prior to implementation. You can also use configurable processes and task guides across your full solutions lifecycle.

Microsoft Dynamics for equipment-driven rental
Image 1: DynaRent Solution Suite Lifecycle Services

Top Benefit #1: Before you start your implementation of DynaRent, you can take advantage of business processes and task guides for training purposes, so that partners and IT staff understand all the possibilities for using DynaRent within Microsoft Dynamics. From big-picture insight to granular task recordings, you can sharply reduce error risks. You can fine-tune DynaRent in Dynamics for your needs. While ate the same time, keep everyone on the same page with a standard approach.

Microsoft Dynamics for equipment-driven rental
Image 2: Tree structure of more than 500 DynaRent Solution Suite Business Processes

Top Benefit #2: At any time during your implementation, partners or customer IT/consulting staff can configure industry-specific business processes. All within DynaRent that map to the blue you have for your business processes within your organization. DynaRent utilizes lifecycle services so that you can translate best practices within your organization directly into your ISV software. Companies that work with equipment rental, leasing, and services will appreciate the combination of a standard approach. Especially one that can adapt to your specific challenges. Your software truly will fit the way you work. And be ready for you to take on new business trends or growth strategies.

Microsoft Dynamics for equipment-driven rental
Image 3: DynaRent Task Guide Experience

Top Benefit #3: After implementation, you’ll have a wealth of industry- and business-specific task recordings and guides. Which end users and new employees can utilize for training and learning. End-users can turn on recordings or consult task guides during any process. And get step-by-step demos and instructions that ensure they perform tasks without errors. It’s a far more precise approach than generic Help offers, and helps reduce need and frequency for expensive trainings.

Microsoft Dynamics for equipment-driven rental
Image 4: Value of Lifecycle Services for Key Personas

There are many benefits to explore with the DynaRent approach to Dynamics Lifecycle Services. And we’ll write more soon about the benefits DLS offers. With regard to software updates and modifications. Right now, we encourage you to explore more about task guides. Specifically how they work in DynaRent for Microsoft Dynamics. Send us an email at info@to-increase.com to learn more.

Michiel Toppers
Michiel Toppers,
Michiel Toppers,
Senior Director of Product Management

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