9 March 2018

7 ways how to increase efficiency for equipment-driven companies

Equipment-driven companies that transport high volumes of smaller equipment work, quite literally, with a multitude of moving parts. To begin with, a single equipment offering can require the picking and assembly of dozens of items. Consequently, though individual rental orders might be relatively uncomplicated, challenges arise when there are lots of orders from many customers who all expect quick delivery. Furthermore, returns at the end of rental periods are constantly in process. They require efficiently receiving items and scanning them into the ERP system, not to mention quickly documenting missing parts and determining what items need servicing. What can go straight to a new customer, and what needs to go back to the warehouse/depot, etc.?

Equipment-driven companies
Additionally, for equipment-driven companies there are many benefits of combining DynaRent and AX Anywhere

Keeping all parts moving in the right direction requires a complete overview

With the right solution in place, transport planners and warehouse staff can collaborate in real time to align picking, packing, and shipping, as well as processing returns with speed and accuracy. The benefits of combining DynaRent and AX Anywhere include the following:

  • Provides transport planners with full insight into warehouse processes and their status
  • Extremely flexible, adaptable mobile processes to suit your company’s needs
  • Departments can collaborate to manage delivery priority issues strategically
  • Collaborative transport and warehouse management allows efficient, accurate returns processing
  • Fast and accurate picking processes for any rental-related process
  • The AX Anywhere solutions run on virtually any device with a browser, including tablets, rugged mobile terminals, and smartphones
  • Advanced graphical planning of your related transportation activities

 Due to well-integrated equipment transport and warehouse management, equipment-driven companies can easily navigate all the moving parts of rental, leasing, and services.

For a deeper dive into equipment transport management trends and solutions, explore our articles about transport collaboration and working with third-party carriers.

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Michiel Toppers
Michiel Toppers,
Michiel Toppers,
Senior Director of Product Management

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