5 January 2018

Effective integrated planning for equipment and resources

During our time as a software company we experienced that a lot of rental companies had a need for different planning tools. This way they can keep the full overview of their fleet and human resource. And at the same time have the down side of losing a central overview and making planning mistakes unintentionally.

“DynaRent planbords give you the ability to plan your equipment and service & maintenance from one central planbord”

Because of this HiGH Software has worked together with their rental customers to create one planningoverview of all the different resources, from their rental equipment to the actual operators or even the service and maintenance resources fully integrated with their software.

Image 1: Service planboard unplanned & planned

What exactly would DynaRent add to your equipment planning?

During these years, working with rental companies we have had the fortune to have a lot of their experience shared with us which allowed us to keep improving and adjusting our software and planbord to meet the changing demands of the modern era.

  • Our planning functionality is fully integrated with the whole software system allowing to keep within this system your rental management, equipment management and service and maintenance functionalities and having the ability to see it all from one planningscreen, the service planbord.
  • To see your unplanned tasks in a list and your actual planned tasks graphical with the ability to drag and drop planningtasks to your equipment, even auto assigning equipment to your quotes or orders.
  • Having your service & maintenance resources within the same overview as your fleet equipment so that you can directly see which equipment is planned for maintenance or did break down unexpectedly, giving you the direct possibility to exchange equipment during the required period
  • Extensive filtering so that your employees have the choice to just see their resources or responsible parts of the planning, or uncheck the filters to see the full extent of your resource planning
  • Use your planning and resources cross company
  • User specific layout with different statuses, colouring, text and even the addition of icons to your planning
  • Ability to add, exchange or remove rental equipment or human resources
  • Having one planning task for a long period of time but still having the control on daily level to change or add planning requirements to the task
planning boards
Image 2: Daily planning, service and maintenance

The possibilities

Actually having the possibility to see and use the planning of all your rental equipment and the service & maintenance resources in one overview gives you more control over your business processes then you would usually have. Adding to this the possibility to connect with mobility devices and create quotations, orders, maintenance tasks or even absence registrations with just a few clicks should give you the full control over the planning within your company.

Even if your curiosity has just been slightly triggered you can contact us to let us prove the benefits of our rental software for your company. You can contact us by phone, skype or e-mail with the below information. We are looking forward to get in touch with you.



Michiel Toppers
Michiel Toppers,
Michiel Toppers,
Senior Director of Product Management

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