23 October 2015

Dynamics AX DynaRent opens up to new industries and equipment


Both current and prospective Dynamics customers that need robust equipment rental solutions will welcome ISV HiGH Software’s DynaRent 3.1.Our solution continues to build its reputation as a leading Certified for Microsoft Dynamics offering. Due to this latest release, DynaRent builds on full integration with Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. Furthermore it brings more to features that can handle the most demanding equipment and tool rental scenarios with ease and flexibility.

Along with enhancements and new functionality from Dynamics AX and DynaRent, release 3.1 offers a solution that can serve more industries, in particular those that rent manually operated equipment and tools. For example, car rental, cranes, tool rental, trailers, oil and gas, material handling, aerial work platforms, and containers. That’s in addition to the many types of companies we’ve served successfully since 2001.

Regardless the industry or equipment, the customers we want to serve deal with the continuous need to make rental processes faster, more cost-effective, and more customer-centric. Here’s a glimpse of how DynaRent 3.1 for Dynamics can meet new needs with:

  • Graphical availability for bulk equipment
  • Enhanced return journals for quality registration incl. follow-up
  • Internal service tasks
  • Automatic planning reservations for rental and service
  • Project rental quotations
  • Business object performance totals
  • Enhanced task requirements for rental
  • Return quality inspection for rental
  • Quick order entry
  • Quick project creation
  • Rental order invoicing based on project hours
  • Replacement costs
  • Transport plan board grid view
  • Service plan board quick planning intervention
  • Transport routes
  • Rental inventory counting

That’s a glimpse of just this latest release from HiGH Software. Consequently, when you’re new to our solution, or want to learn why we’ve become a best choice for worldwide Dynamics 365 users, please do contact us.

Michiel Toppers
Michiel Toppers,
Michiel Toppers,
Senior Director of Product Management

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