HiGH Software is entering a new era as part of To-Increase

Jan 11, 2018 7:00:38 PM

HiGH Software is proud to announce that To-Increase has acquired our business activities. Due to the fact they are a much larger organization and market leader in Microsoft Dynamics solutions for manufacturing and services industries, we can deliver broader support for our customers and partners.

In 2001 we founded HGH and HiGH Software together with Ben Brouwer and Bert de Wild, and we are excited to be able to scale our business through To-Increase to enable more customers in their digital transformation. We bring decades of experience to further deliver on the To-Increase promise to their customers.” says Arthur de Leeuw, Managing Director of HiGH Software.

Michiel Toppers of HiGH Software adds: “We see an important shift in the equipment-driven rental and lease industry where “as a service” is becoming an important buzz word. Cutting-edge software technology such as DynaRent and DynaLease is an answer to this shift. Together with the comprehensive solutions portfolio from To-Increase, we can support our customers even more in their Digital Transformation journey.  

New era for HiGH Software

To-Increase and HiGH Software

HiGH Software, which employs 55 highly skilled employees, develops and delivers end-to-end solutions for rental, leasing, transport, and services to manufacturing and services companies. This is based on the Microsoft Dynamics platform. Since the foundation in 2001, the company has continuously improved their award-winning DynaRent solutions package. Which will benefit To-Increase in their own continuous development of software that supports the digital transformation of customers.

 “We see our customers continuous innovating and differentiating themselves in the market by offering equipment as a service. With the acquisition of HiGH Software, we help them in their digital transformation and can offer our customers a comprehensive solutions portfolio to support the growth and innovation of their business.” says CEO of To-Increase, Cornelis Bosch

If you are not familiar with To-Increase, we recommend you visit their website at www.to-increase.com to learn about their library of industry, integration, and business productivity solutions for Microsoft Dynamics.

HiGH Software aquired by to-increase

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that this acquisition raises many questions. Below, you’ll find some answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Why did HiGH Software decided to sell the company?

We are all aware of the speed of digital innovation. For example, look at the speed at which Microsoft is introducing new products and concepts. We want to leverage the benefits of innovation for our DynaRent and DynaLease solutions and keep pace with all the changes. Becoming part of To-Increase is a strategic step that lets us serve our customers better.

What is the impact on current customer relationships?

Currently nothing will change. The coming period will be used to determine how the collaboration between To Increase, Columbus and HiGH Software can optimize our service delivery. And how we can improve our products even more. We strongly believe that every party involved will benefit from this new step.

What does this mean for the current partner strategy and approach?

HiGH Software partner’s strategy will remain the same. However, we believe that with this step our partner funnel management will increase drastically. To-Increase has a large Microsoft Dynamics Partner Channel, ready to help improve the value propositions for DynaRent and DynaLease.

What does this mean for HiGH Software’s Industry expertise?

HiGH Software will keep its sole focus on equipment rental and lease for their products and services.

What does this mean for the global presence of HiGH Software?

Being part of To-Increase and Columbus will significantly increase the global presence of HiGH Software all over the world. With this step we will reach both customers and colleagues across the globe.

What does this mean for DynaRent and DynaLease?

Our industry products will start evolving even more by being part of the To Increase product portfolio. We’re also eager to take a deep-dive into the product portfolio of To-Increase to determine which solutions might be of interest for our current and new customers.

If you have more questions or would like more information, please contact Michiel Toppers at michiel.toppers@highsoftware.com

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