23 January 2018

GPS has exciting new possibilities to offer to the rental industry

GPS is transforming the rental industry, not only because it is easier for drivers to find their destinations, but also because it allows companies to track their equipment over great distances. It is amazing to see what you can do with GPS. It makes the rental business easier, reduces the workload, and gives employees more control.


It goes without saying that it is beneficial to protect your fleet from theft. Of course, it will save you having to find or replace them and to seek solutions while part of your fleet is missing. Thankfully, GPS is making theft more and more difficult. The trackers are getting smaller, almost impossible for thieves to find. The signals can automatically be sent to the police. Some thieves are using scramblers to interfere with the trackers, but software is increasingly able work around these scramblers.

gps tracks equipment
Image: GPS is making tracking your equipment easy

Diagnostics and tracking hours of use

Real-time data will let you know when the equipment is being used. It makes it possible to see how many miles the equipment has run. This way, you can see from a distance what the status of your equipment is. You can reap the benefits of predictive maintenance and reducing downtime! These are not only advantages for you and your employees, but also for your customers.

Reducing downtime and making easy to find equipment when it needs to be serviced

In addition to making it possible to monitor equipment from a distance, software is also getting better and better at predicting when maintenance will be required. This means that you can replace equipment even before it breaks. This reduces your downtime immensely. Furthermore, there is no need to send people to remote locations to check the status of your equipment—you can now see it remotely from your system.

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Michiel Toppers
Michiel Toppers,
Michiel Toppers,
Senior Director of Product Management

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