“A fresh look at competitive advantage for rental companies”

Dec 15, 2015 8:12:22 AM

Welcome to HiGH Software’s new blog forum, where author Michiel Toppers invites you to explore new perspectives on merging technology and business for equipment industries focused on rental, services, and transport.

For my first blog, let’s refresh some terms used by standard equipment rental companies who want to work with ERP and embedded industry solutions. Just a start… competitive advantage, business process analysis/optimization, competitive threats. Our world moves at a dizzying pace. But standard companies think that their only competitive advantage is to have the best prices and services, optimized and automated by strong ERP and value add rental solutions. Since they may see competitors as “names we know and fear” offering similar services and prices—same playing field, predictable battle.

No fear—get excited about edge, innovation, new players

21st century technology is the big refresher, especially for equipment rental companies. Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) have transformed customer expectations and your ability to profitably manage any scenario your company can offer, from manual tool rental to complex projects that require equipment, transport, a mobile-equipped field… Two examples that fall outside the rental industry but offer the perfect jolt—Uber and Airbnb. A few years ago they were unknowns and then BAM! Who saw that coming?

Whether you’re a new or established company, realize that taking a deep dive into what you have and where you can go will be full of surprises—that’s a good thing. My experience is based in implementing systems and serving all shapes and sizes of equipment rental companies, both as a business consultant and technical solution architect. Invariably, when we’re analyzing processes, the ‘monkey comes out of the sleeve’ which is a Dutch proverb for hidden secrets and requirements that suddenly appear. But keep in mind that those unruly processes may also speak to hidden strengths and possibilities.

ERP Requirements just got more interesting—and more promising for your company’s future

The best implementation partners/consultants merge proven analysis of business and rental processes and practices with future-facing insights. When you work together, you can create a strong base of informed process and practices. Additionally, supported by the latest technologies, and ensure those technologies keep opening up new strengths that are proactive. As a result you won’t be reacting to the competition. That’s success.

What does a solution need to offer to help rental companies on their journey?

One of my main goals with the DynaRent solution is to sustain the title of most Innovative Dynamics ISV solution specifically designed for the rental industry. We’ve gone well beyond Certified for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (and Dynamics AX) status by working closely with customers and partners across multiple industries. A collaborative approach ensures our innovations are relevant, flexible, and always ready to adapt to new ways of working:

  • Complete 360 degree view of your equipment on operational and financial level
  • Full Dynamics integration— one total solution that connects your business
  • Mobility integration for flawless service and logistics 24/7
  • Best-in-class change management, ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Optimize the international fleet allocation across depots
  • Decrease maintenance costs of your equipment by increasing the service efficiency
  • Provide tools for the rental department to create rental orders as easy and quick as possible
  • Easy to use graphical equipment overview of the equipment
  • Increase rental utilization rate of your equipment
  • Guarantee the use of your own equipment instead of renting it from a third party

Want to know more about the equipment rental industry and our solutions…follow my LinkedIn page for any upcoming blogs.

Looking forward to connecting through my next blog!


Michiel Toppers
Manager Delivery Products & Services
HiGH Software

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