10 October 2016

Do the right thing right” with configurable workflows


If you’re working with current trends for leasing cars, equipment, and other goods. It is a safe bet that you manage a vast array of equipment leasing processes. Also we can assume you manage documentation across multiple sources and channels. It’s a wild world, with stakeholders that span customers, dealers, third-party networks, government, and more. How can you ensure that your people “do the right thing right” when they’re navigating such an unruly landscape?

Start by standardizing and automating how equipment leasing processes and communications is sent and received. Then add in the checks and balances that instantly identify when it needs management by exception. DynaRent Lease Management for Dynamics 365 (and AX) gives you the configurable workflows, document management, and action management. Everything that can meet all those needs for your specific business. Let’s take a look.

How workflow-driven action management enables end-to-end control of equipment leasing processes and documents

Lease Management lets you tailor process steps and communications for specific roles. In addition it connects with DynaRent via mobile devices and interfaces. This way there is a standard sequence. No ad hoc data entry or lost information. When you complete the steps, data refreshes automatically across your entire system in the right places and take the right users to the next steps.

The key is action management. You can predefine triggers that identify every step in the process and automatically initiate next steps or information updates for all people, departments, and channels and devices involved. involved. For example:

If a dealer marks a car delivery as complete in their system, it lands in the DynaRent interface for that dealer and starts a chain reaction:

  • Information updates automatically across DynaRent and Dynamics AX.
  • Delivery details and invoicing are auto-sent to the back office.
  • The lease contract automatically updates to reflect delivery and invoice initiation from the back office.
  • Drivers receive notifications and emails containing all documentation on their mobile devices so they can validate all delivery details.
  • When the driver receives the car for usage, DynaRent and Dynamics AX receive that information, and action management triggers the next process flow at the right time—for example, a notification to the customer that tires need changing at x date.

Configurable workflows and action management also enable management by exception. If a standard process flow such as the one described above encounters issues, you can resolve them quickly, without derailing the process flow:

  • Configure auto-sends of text messages for issues such as service emergencies or recalls.
  • Quickly generate work orders for corrective maintenance that land in service techs mobile devices with all steps outlined and all customer documentation included.
  • Initiate a separate process for work orders that are covered by warranty and need to be directed to vendors or manufacturers.
  • Work with a predefined process to communicate policy changes received via insurance company or government network interfaces. All stakeholders receive relevant information in the right format, and of course automatically updates your business system.

Action management in DynaRent Lease Management sharply reduces manual input and back-and-forth across teams, departments, and customers. Combine this “triggered” approach with configurable process workflows and automated document management, and you’ll eliminate paper trails and create a hands-off work environment where you “do the right thing right.” Just as important, your employees and other stakeholders gain the freedom to focus on exceptions and proactive, strategic planning and new opportunities.

Michiel Toppers
Michiel Toppers,
Michiel Toppers,
Senior Director of Product Management

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