19 May 2017

Hot trend: rich graphical views of equipment availability

Staying on top of your equipment availability is always a big challenge for operations, especially for rental organizations, where turnover for equipment is complex and involves multiple depots.

DynaRent provides easy access to equipment availability on depot, nation-wide, or at the global level. Due to our software’s highly visual approach, it allows your rental operations team to make easy decision focused on equipment availability and maximum utilization rates.


DynaRent’s Graphical Equipment Availability dashboard pulls critical elements from detailed equipment records into interactive overviews. In addition it lets you visualize, analyze, and create transactions quickly and accurately. Consequently this will help your rental department to quickly analyze, monitor, and take action about equipment with confidence. For example, DynaRent graphical overviews for a specific time-range include:

First of all you have an overview of your equipment availability in time so you can see if it is:

  • on-rent
  • being sold
  • quoted?
  • in maintenance
  • in transport

Furthermore you have an overview of total availability per equipment type like:

  • per depot (depot manager)
  • nation-wide (fleet manager)
  • globally (global fleet division)

Finally, you can create transactions immediately, examples of what you can create:

  • rental quotes – short- or long term
  • rentals – short- or long term
  • service jobs – periodic and corrective maintenance
  • transportation – fleet management
Interface equipment availability
Image 2: Equipment availability interface

DynaRent works like a native part of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. As a result, you have integrated equipment rental processes across all areas of your business. All information is stored in the Dynamics database and can be instantly accessed by any department for analysis and decision-making.

Michiel Toppers
Michiel Toppers,
Michiel Toppers,
Senior Director of Product Management

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