2 June 2017

Keep data secure with DynaRent PowerApps

Equipment-driven rental and service companies often rely heavily on field resources, in particular service engineers whose work orders range from routine to “just in time” service calls, onsite project tasks, and more. Mobile technologies are rapidly becoming a must-have to ensure that workers have quick access to precise information, documentation, and workflow.

Equipping field staff to execute key tasks while staying connected to the back office can sharply increase service efficiency, reduce overhead and errors, improve customer satisfaction. There’s much to gain from using a dedicated ISV solution for equipment rental processes, especially if it can offer you full mobility through the Microsoft PowerApps platform. That’s precisely what DynaRent for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Dynamics AX offers.

DynaRent PowerApps
Image1 1: DynaRent PowerApps

How to increase fix rate in real time, in the field

On the one side, DynaRent PowerApps helps diverse equipment-driven companies meet a common challenge: increasing first-time-fix rate. Our standardized processes and integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 make “on the go” mobility consistent, reliable, and accurate. But companies and service scenarios come in all shapes and sizes.
DynaRent PowerApps allows your company to configure workflow for every service engineer. So that they receive the right information, including diagnostics and the correct order for task execution.
You also have the flexibility to change workflow in just seconds, with assurance that field techs using mobile devices receive all updates instantly. Behind the scenes, project managers and planners use DynaRent’s rich capabilities and full Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration to schedule, allocate, and monitor service tasks.

DynaRent PowerApps
Image 2: keep data secure with DynaRent PowerApps

Technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and assisted service innovations like Augmented Reality and 3D are also becoming part of the solutions landscape. There are many mobility software options available. But if you’re using or considering DynaRent for Microsoft Dynamics, we can offer the perfect solution. DynaRent connects field operations, customer-facing communications, and back office processes across a multi-location Enterprise.
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Michiel Toppers
Michiel Toppers,
Michiel Toppers,
Senior Director of Product Management

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