8 March 2019

How to obtain coherent reporting on equipment and utilization

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For a C-level executive to be able to make meaningful strategic decisions that will sustainably transform the business into a more effective, efficient, and/or agile organization, it is critical to have access to accurate, unambiguous, and coherent information. Furthermore, the information should be easily accessible and up-to-date.

The strategic information described above is commonly derived from many different data sources, considers multidisciplinary tactical views (e.g. financial, operational, administrative), and has been interpreted based on company KPIs.

For equipment-driven rental and leasing companies, most of these tactical and/or strategical reports fall into three main categories:

Equipment utilization (physical as well as financial, historical and/or predicted). Examples include:
  • Per equipment type, country and/or region, customer (segment), or depot
  • Ratio of sub-rented equipment utilization to your company’s equipment utilization
Financial performance (historical as well as predicted). Examples include:
  • Revenue and cost overview per equipment type, country, region, depot, or customer (segment)
  • Cash flow from operational activities
  • Capital turnover rate
Service & maintenance insights (historical as well as predicted). Examples include:
  • YTD service, repair and/or maintenance costs (materials consumed, hours spent, other expenses) made per equipment type, country, region, depot, or customer (segment)
  • Rental fleet analysis

By making use of broad and long-lasting rental industry experience, we have designed so-called data entities that provide all the necessary data for a thorough analysis of all the main categories of equipment-driven rental and services reporting. Thus, in combination with a cutting-edge business intelligence reporting tool like Microsoft Power BI, DynaRent for Dynamics has empowered equipment-driven rental and services companies to make well-substantiated decisions and therefore thrive within their industries for more than 20 years.

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