10 May 2016

DynaRent and Lifecycle Services for Dynamics 365

Whether you’re upgrading to the new Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations or evaluating a new implementation. You’re likely learning how Microsoft has harnessed the latest in cloud technologies.  As a result they transform Lifecycle Services for solution implementations and maintenance.

Ultimately, Lifecycle Services is about getting (and keeping) your business management system up and running. But most importantly, your system should be as efficiently as possible. And at the same time reducing overall risk and interference to business processes. It’s designed to offer a collaborative cloud space where partners and customers can work together virtually. With intelligent tools for pre-configuring the majority of your solution requirements. You’ll reduce cost and improve accuracy during critical design and testing phases. Project teams can deliver the edge for delivering well-designed solutions and then smoothly deploying solutions, updates, and upgrades.

Take full advantage to enhance Lifcycle Services

To-Increase has taken full advantage of the opportunity to enhance Lifecycle Services for our DynaRent Solutions Suite. Adding methodologies and tools that enable equipment rental and services companies to define and pre-configure industry-specific requirements with ease and flexibility. That precision extends to aligning your competitive differentiators. So that standardized processes and operations reflect your greatest strengths, without extensive customization and effort.

With Lifecycle Services, DynaRent project teams can deliver solutions designed to adapt to the rapid influx of changes within the equipment rental and services marketplace. Our customers need more and more flexibility that’s hard to achieve with traditional approaches to defining and implementing solutions. Therefore DynaRent Lifecycle Services offers an excellent approach. It lets companies define their initial solution without worry that they’re locked into a rigid deployment. They can make the changes they want, when they want. Just as important, we can make DynaRent solutions a route to quicker, easier knowledge-sharing. For employees, teams, departments, divisions, and more. That’s critical to equipment rental and services organizations juggling countless scenarios and angles. Especially the ones that span front, middle, and back offices, not to mention mobile and remote locations.

So how does Lifecycle Services for DynaRent work?

A quick overview: Right now, we offer DynaRent Lifecycle Services as part of our standard solutions suite. Coming soon, we’ll be formally announcing availability of the DynaRent Solutions Suite and Lifecycle Services via the Azure Marketplace. Regardless how we deliver Lifecycle Services, you’ll have a rich toolset to work with. Here’s a simple illustration of the tools we offer now, shown within the Azure Marketplace scenario:

DynaRent Lifecycle Services

As you can see, we’re all about standardizing custom needs for the many industries involved in equipment rental and services. One of our recent blogs dives into the task guides we’ve created to meet industry needs and processes—we encourage you to check out that discussion via the link at end of this article. It’s a good example of how we’re working with Dynamics Lifecycle Services to make DynaRent the right choice for Microsoft Dynamics customers. With an eye to the very specific processes that users engage with for rental services, DynaRent task recordings can be:

  • Played as fully interactive task guides.
  • Displayed as procedural steps in the help pane.
  • Saved to a business process model in Dynamics Lifecycle Services.
  • Saved as Word documents
  • Used to record issues related to processes

DynaRents training tools

The same careful development has gone into the other Lifecycle Services offerings shown above. Currently, we are working to make all common processes for the 13 industries we serve available with Business Process Models in Lifecycle Services. Along with making it easier to understand and define processes in DynaRent, our approach will give DynaRent users a simple training tool that helps them “kick start” working with our solutions and executing business processes. Companies will also gain a clear view before and during implementation of the benefits they can expect to realize. Perhaps most important, the industry and software knowledge we bring to DynaRent pre-configured processes enables partners and customers to align fit, and fill in gaps during the early stages of implementation projects. That’s the door to efficient, first-time-right deployments.

Michiel Toppers
Michiel Toppers,
Michiel Toppers,
Senior Director of Product Management

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