HiGH Software Webinars: DynaRent suite for the new Dynamics AX!

Feb 16, 2016 10:15:22 AM

The HiGH Software team invites you to join us. We  will explore how the latest version of our Dynamics AX7 DynaRent Solutions suite offers the right fit for the new release of Dynamics AX. Choose your preferred date and time below and register! We’ll cover capabilities and benefits most relevant to equipment-driven industries. and in addition we will talk about the flexible implementation options DynaRent Shares with the new Dynamics AX.

What’s happening with the new Dynamics AX?
Microsoft’s focus areas for the new release include technology capabilities that are rapidly becoming essential in the Azure marketplace. You may be familiar with taglines such as “Cloud first, mobile first,” and “anytime, anywhere solutions.” At the same time, the new release will enhance accuracy and analytics with the ability to work easily with the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data.

What’s happening with DynaRent for Dynamics AX?
DynaRent will  be available in the Azure marketplace as soon as the new Dynamics AX is released. DynaRent spans straightforward rentals to complex management of for example,  transport, services, logistics, mobile field connectivity–and more. In addition our solutions package fits seamlessly into Microsoft Dynamics AX with a modular design, the latest technologies, and multi-industry expertise. Since 2006, we’ve worked closely with customers and colleagues to stand firm as Dynamics’ most innovative ISV solution. DynaRent makes the future now, with intuitive capabilities that are always relevant, flexible, and always ready to adapt to new ways of working.

Webinar dates and times
Join us to explore the innovations, capabilities, and benefits that DynaRent can bring to the new Dynamics AX. Choose the best time:

Register Now! For more information, please contact HiGH Software at info@highsoftware.com for more information or a especially tailored demonstration.

Dynamics AX7 DynaRent Suite

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