19 February 2016

DynaLease for Dynamics AX: raises the bar for car lease management

Automotive leasing has a broad range, starting with single-car rentals. And in today's marketplace, longer-term car and truck leases are booming. Consumers and businesses need to conserve spending, and many count on cost-effective alternatives to directly purchasing vehicles.

The pressure’s on to go beyond traditional approaches to leasing and offer customers innovative choices and options. We’ve worked closely with major leasing companies to build DynaLease, a solution that gives companies exactly what they need to manage end-to-end automotive leasing. Just as important, DynaLease delivers flexibility you need to adapt to new market trends, innovations, and your own specific needs. Our solution is also ideal for serveral different industries. For example, leasing machinery, equipment, and tools, from straightforward rental to projects that involve transport, drivers, onsite resources and more.

DynaLease integrates fully with Dynamics AX, Dynamics CRM, and customer-facing websites, connecting users, operations, and communications across back, middle, and front offices. Everyone views relevant information drawn from system-wide, real-time data and updates. Workflow automates process and document management across channels and locations—no more manual intervention and ad hoc communications. Whether a rep is using Dynamics CRM to initiate a lease or accountants are deep in Dynamics AX asset management. DynaLease brings everything together efficiently and accurately.

How does DynaLease give you the competitive edge for automotive lease management?

Profitable success for leasing companies depends on customer satisfaction with your offerings and service levels. It’s also essential to work with a solution that standardizes and connects all aspects of leasing. Especially a solution with flexibility that “works” for your specific business and a changing world.

  • DynaLease adapts to your specific needs without compromising performance.

    Our solution automates all financial and operational leasing and documentation, including calculation, services, replacement, and selling. In addition you can handle complex/multi-level lease agreements, engagements with third parties and government. As a result, you can keep pace with regulations and compliance.

  • Automated document management covers all internal and external communications, agreements, invoicing, and more.

    After setup that’s configured to your requirements, DynaLease auto-sends and monitors all communications to reps, service techs, third-parties, customers, and other stakeholders.

  • To-Increase can provide a lease calculator for DynaLease, or incorporate one that you already use.

    All calculator values go directly into a Microsoft Dynamics CRM quotation. For example, lease conditions, payment terms, length of lease, make and model details, options, and more.

  • Integration starts with DynaLease as a back-office solution embedded in Dynamics AX.

    Supporting all fixed asset financials,. For example, purchase, sales, service, fuel management, and more. Dynamics CRM users and website customers can quickly access relevant capabilities that are married to the back office solution. Indeed, you can have as many integrations, leasing variations, and other options as you want.

Finally, with DynaLease you get more than you ask for now, but as always flexibility that can’t be beat. DynaLease is a new offering included in our modular DynaRent Solutions Suite for Dynamics AX. Since 2006, we’ve upheld our status for offering Dynamics most innovative ISV solutions package. You can purchase DynaLease, and at any time activate and implement modules and value-add capabilities within the DynaRent Suite. That’s future-facing, efficient, and most definitely flexible.

If you’d like a discussion and personalized demo for DynaLease, contact us below. We’re extremely happy to introduce this solution worldwide and give you the best of proven innovation and a keen ear for your goals and plans. 

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Michiel Toppers,
Michiel Toppers,
Senior Director of Product Management

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