16 September 2016

Car dealer management: Third-party integration

We’ve talked in recent articles about the “keys” to great solutions for equipment and vehicle rental, leasing, sales, and service. Integration always rises to the surface. Whether the topic is equipment lifecycle management or working flexibly with a changing customer marketplace. Yes, if you’re a car dealer, you need your Car Dealer Management Software (DMS) solution. This way it works as part of your organization’s total system. It’s also increasingly important that the software you choose be able to interface with third-party systems. Car dealers work with outside entities on a daily basis. They need to communicate easily with third parties and also to incorporate external data into business operations and strategic planning.

Let’s look briefly at two scenarios for third-party integration. In these senarios the intergration can yield big benefits for car dealers. But also car dealer management software. In both cases, we’re assuming that you’ve checked off all the requirements you want for functionality. For example ease of use, and integration with your own business system. What we want to stress here is the importance of working with a DMS provider. Especially one who has rich experience building integrations. And in addition it can work deftly with new technology innovations. Expertise across varied equipment-driven Industries is also a must. This way, you can count on integrations that are efficient and accurate. Your best combination? A standard DMS solutions package that brings rich and flexible functionality to ERP out of the box. Backed by a provider who understands the latest API’s and SSL Keys for interfacing with other software.

First case

Car dealerships work today with a host of outside vendors, suppliers, local dealers, websites—not to mention manufacturers and customers. Scattered around the world and with their own multi-channel systems and channels for sending and receiving information. For example, procurement, quotes, contracts, service, logistics, vehicle management, insight into dealer opportunities are tailored to whatever 3rd party you’re working with. A rigid DMS solution can mire you in extra data input, manual organizing and formatting for information, and the need to rework processes to meet external needs.

You have a strong edge if your DMS solution can interface with any and all of them. If you can smoothly meet needs for the entities your work with, you’ll boost efficiency, rental and sales volume, and your reputation with 3rd parties and your customers. You’ll also be able to work more effectively with information to assess current and future directions for your business. Want to open up possibilities? Hence, with the right provider and solution, you can create as many integrations as you need and want with your car dealer management software.

Second case

There’s great opportunity in dealer management that can collaborate with manufacturing entities, using common information for mutual benefit. Done right, such integration is a win-win, maximizing efficiency, customer satisfaction, and the ability to work with market trends. Furthermore, barriers of working with sensitive information and rigid systems are dissolving. Get ready to move away from “don’t touch my data” to “let’s collaborate and we can both benefit.”

Car dealers can benefit greatly from tighter integration with manufacturers, and there are now checks and balances that ensure that the information you share is homogenized and your competitive data is safe. There are significant financial benefits associated with participating in manufacturing programs that require integration with your DMS. For example, pay-for-performance manufacturing support for improving customer services in fixed operations, and manufacturer support for growth in dealer sales and fixed operations.

Tighter integration between dealers and third parties aligns sales and marketing activities with customer needs. As part of a connected value chain, everyone comes together to send the right message and offerings to customers. As a result you can define and execute incentives tuned to the market and the demands of savvy customers. Consequently, through integration with industry solutions, dealers can unify customer needs and experience with a compelling brand and offerings that reflect global, multi-channel insight and the best possible use of time and resources.

 Car Dealer Management Software
Image 1: Depot car rental and lease overview in PowerBI

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Michiel Toppers,
Michiel Toppers,
Senior Director of Product Management

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