8 January 2019

The benefits you did not know about Cloud computing

cloud computing

Most of us now know many of the benefits of Cloud computing. We know that it makes it easier for employees to work from home, for meetings to take place in the Cloud, and to store documents and information. It save us time and money. It improves workflow and it makes businesses scalable, but there are many more advantages. Due to the development and worldwide adaptation of Cloud services, the advantages are only continuing to grow!

Reducing friction between departments

Cloud computing not only saves time when working from home or sharing files, it can also bridge the gap between departments. This makes it easier and less time-consuming, especially in large companies. For example, automated supply chains and dashboards that display real-time data are becoming more and more advanced, helping to streamline company structure.

Cloud computing software is going social

Cloud software is also becoming more social. With the Cloud infrastructure, it is becoming easier for employees to share information or answer questions via chat or micro-blogging. This way of communicating is starting to be fully incorporated into our structures. Customers and employees will begin to expect to be able to communicate in this manner.

Sending a quick question to a colleague through a chat is much easier and quicker than asking the same question via email. Not only is this great for employees, but it also significantly improves customer intimacy. Being there for you customers when they need you creates a bond. Using this development gives you an advantage over your competition.


Leverage the cloud for big data

Knowledge is power and data is knowledge. Every company is in the possession of huge collections of data, but many have no way to mine, store, use, or interpret it. This means that every company that is not using the Cloud to manage their data is losing great potential every single day. Finding a Cloud solution that can leverage big data is key. Cloud computing services can do this as well, and even more possibilities are being developed to allow you to harness your employees’ expertise to power your company.

Machine learning

Artificial intelligence  and machine learning are the next big thing. In the future, we will be able to build machines that will learn what you need from them. This means that every solution will be tailored to your business. Of course, this is not yet reality. Still, some of the benefits are already apparent. For example, it’s becoming easier and cheaper to create advanced predictive algorithms. 

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Michiel Toppers
Michiel Toppers,
Michiel Toppers,
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