13 July 2020

7 Tips to Select the Right Crane Rental Solution: A Tipsheet

The construction, infrastructure, and other related industries need cranes to get a lot of their jobs done. And, these sectors will keep evolving and expanding as we speak because of the continual customer need for new construction and renovation. Besides, even the mining sector hugely invests in the construction equipment. Therefore, all this points to the continuous demand for cranes.

Crane Buying vs. Renting
However, buying and maintaining heavy equipment such as crane can increase a company’s cost enough to become a burden eventually. Besides, most of the companies need it only on project-basis. Therefore, they prefer renting to buying.

Crane rental software

How to Select the Right Crane Rental Solution?

Now, as an equipment rental company, the rising demand for crane rental is surely news to rejoice. However, managing operations in a crane rental business can be complex and need a lot of specific features in the software you choose. It is important to consider the right factors that play a crucial role in your business success.

You can start analyzing the suitability of a software solution by checking if it can help you with the competition, on-time delivery, maintenance, flexibility of options, and tracking, among other things.

Moreover, crane operators for onsite monitoring is a crucial factor in ensuring that your cranes are well-maintained and utilized optimally for maximum profits. A good crane rental software solution can help you plan that better.

Therefore, before you make that critical buying decision, make sure you consider the following key aspects that a good crane rental solution must include to support your business:

Top 7 Features:

  1. Inventory management
  2. Service and maintenance
  3. Reports & Analytics
  4. Cloud-enablement
  5. ERP connection
  6. Automated invoice and billing
  7. Customer satisfaction

Get complete details in our tipsheet on selecting the best crane rental solution.

Looking to buy a crane rental software solution? Consider these 7 tips!

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Michiel Toppers
Michiel Toppers,
Michiel Toppers,
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