Real-time information to enable on-time delivery

Ensure timely delivery, eliminate paper trails, and minimize errors

Automate workflows to ensure timely delivery, eliminate paper trails, and minimize errors

Digital transformation is quite literally transforming our economic landscape. And in turn businesses are changing the way they work with ERP solutions. As a result, social media, mobility, Big Data, and the cloud are moving targets. New and emerging technologies are critical for competing in the marketplace. Furthermore, they can optimize how businesses interact with customers, partners, and suppliers. Consequently, they compete in the marketplace with the way they produce and position their offerings.

Digital transformation makes it possible for businesses to gather enormous volumes of information. It’s imperative that we have solutions for managing big data. You can have all the forecast apps in the world, but if this app cannot interpret the data, you still cannot make reliable predictions. The possibilities are endless, but at the same time it frightens us. We worry how our systems will process the data. Just as important, you need the ability to assure customers that their privacy is safe.  What your company needs is the right Big Data solution, built on a modern platform to ensure you are prepared for the future.

The right solution compiles your data the right way, structures it, makes rough indications, and gives you the tools to interpret it with a clear graphical interface. It makes connections, for example by combining IoT with historical data to give you 24/7 predictive maintenance analysis. By receiving, managing, and delivering service-related documents and communications from your ERP system, you can establish an error-free, 360-degree digital loop that eliminates paper trails.

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“Our ERP infrastructure gives us the flexibility to manage and grow our business with great efficiency. We can easily make adjustments to it when our requirements change. It helps us keep pace with the market and succeed as a competitive company that provides the highest possible value to its customers and trading partners.”

― Kees van Rijn,

EDP Controller,

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One vital characteristic of businesses benefiting from systems integration is the ability to convert relevant data into actionable insights. Enhance your product and service offerings, systems integrations and the availability of data intelligence.

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Medical equipment maker realizes centralized data management strategy and connects global resources.
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Impacts you can anticipate with To-Increase Business Integration Software:

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Enhanced access to multi-company internal and external stakeholders

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Enables improved visibility for the partner, customer, and supplier network

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Empowerment to make smart decisions and prioritize customer needs


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