D365 Finance & Supply Chain Release Policy

Dynamics 365 F&SCM updates are backwards compatible with ISV solutions

Microsoft maintains a policy of binary backwards compatibility of D365 F&SCM (see also this  page for more details). This means that you can deploy the newest update of D365 F&SCM while keeping the ISV solution unchanged and without a need to re-compile the solution. The goal of Microsoft is that the monthly updates of D365 F&SCM are not only binary compatible, but also functionally compatible so that a monthly update of D365 F&SCM will not break the ISV solution in place and vice versa.

Preview Early Access Program

To-Increase participates in the PEAP program of Microsoft. As part of its development cycle To-Increase strives to validate the compatibility of its solutions every month against the preview release (PEAP) of the D365 F&SCM update of that month. It is a safety net to give Microsoft and To-Increase the time to validate compatibility before a new release is made general available. This is part of the collaboration between Microsoft and To-Increase to ensure a new D365 F&SCM update does not break the To-Increase solutions.  

Update Policy

The One Version policy from Microsoft requires the customer to have his production environment updated every month to the latest D365 F&SCM update. Microsoft can allow a customer to lapse for up till 2 months on the monthly updates for D365 F&SCM. To support this kind of scenario To-increase strives to create the monthly updates for its solutions on the n-3 update of D365 F&SCM.

Note that it may happen – despite the best efforts of Microsoft and To-Increase – that a new D365 F&SCM update is not backwards compatible with a To-Increase solution (this will come out of the PEAP validation). Therefore To-Increase indicates the minimum required D365 F&SCM update for each of its solutions. Normally this will be D365 F&SCM n-3 (or even further back), but in case a new D365 F&SCM update is not backwards compatible for a specific To-Increase solution this will be indicated.

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