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Quality Management App

Assess your processes and drive quality improvements

Evaluate and record quality metrics efficiently to optimize processes and maintain quality and compliance.

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Why should you use our solution?

Establish quality standards

Establish quality standards

It is essential to define quality standards before you start using the Quality Management app in your organization to help you focus on your core customer needs. Based on the criteria requested by your customers, you can define quality specifications for products and processes.

Ensure consistent quality control

Ensure consistent quality control

Once your quality specifications have been set, you have to embed them in your business processes. For example, making sure that whenever an item is received, its quality specifications are checked. This will avoid interruptions in the processes that use these items and, thus helping prevent any costly errors.

Accelerate your speed to market

Accelerate your speed to market

With our Quality Management solution, you can detect quality issues early on in your manufacturing processes and avoid unnecessary interruptions. Furthermore, this enables your business processes to run more efficiently and thus increase your speed to market.

What to expect from the key features

Key Feature

Create Measurement Template

Define the main elements of the measurement using measurement templates. You can determine the sampling method and size, capture up to 10 additional fields in a data snapshot, and manage check sheets.

Measurement Template-ADM QM App

Key Feature

Leveraging Check Sheet

Create check sheets with the customized question set to identify the cause and frequency of a defect.

Check Sheet_ADM QM App

Key Feature

Skip Patterns

Define skip patterns to skip checks of items based on historical performance in your quality measurement processes.

SkipPattern_ADM QM App

Quality Management Process Mapping Matrix

The solution comes with many pre-defined measurement templates from receiving, through productions, to service inspections and customer complaint handling.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the solution available on prem and in the cloud?

Yes, Quality Management can be downloaded from AppSource as well as acquired from the To-Increase download portal for on-premises deployments. On the download portal, look for PE (Product Engineering) for Business Central.

Is Quality Management available on AppSource?

Yes, Quality Management is available on AppSource

Can you add additional process flows?

To-Increase has created templates for the most common business processes for which quality measurements are relevant. These templates can be downloaded from the To-Increase help portal. For additional processes, To-Increase can assist in creating the proper subscriptions.

What is skip logic?

In skip logic, you can create patterns per product classification (activity and turnover) to skip inspections based on the historical, quality, performance of an item. You can also select a previous inspection level when a reject occurs.

Do I need to have a To-Increase vertical solution to use Quality Management?

No, Quality Management is a stand-alone app. The app works very well with the IEM (Industrial Equipment Manufacturing) vertical. Note that To-Increase's Food vertical has its own Quality Control module.

How can you integrate the solution with other apps?

Quality Management is a stand-alone app and does not interfere with standard processes.

What to do with products that do not meet the quality norm?

From a registered measurement, you can start several follow-up actions like creating a purchase return order or creating a re-classification journal entry to move the rejected products to a quarantine location.

What are reports included?

Quality Management creates registered measurements as the basis for reporting. Since there is a lot of variation in reporting requirements, reports are not included. To-Increase recommends Power-BI.