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* The prices given here are for estimation purposes only and are subject to change. We follow an annual billing cycle. Prices are based on a 3-year contract term.

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What Factors Influence the Cost of Our Business Integration Solutions?

We follow a waterfall model for the pricing of Connectivity Studio and EDI Studio. Your software cost depends on the number of companies/legal entities inside D365 F&O using our solutions. (For Connectivity Studio, this means the data being imported or exported from/to these companies/legal entities.) As the number of companies increases, the average cost per company decreases. Pricing for Connectivity Monitor depends on the number of users using this integration monitoring mobile application. 


Our Business Integration and EDI software prices are based on a 3-year initial contract term. Shorter contract terms will increase the price. For a 2-year contract term, prices increase by 8%, and for a 1-year contract term, the increase is 15%. After this initial contract period, your subscription will be renewed on a yearly basis. During the initial contract term, the prices are fixed; hence they would not be influenced by any sort of price increase. 


When selecting EDI Studio, the calculated price includes the cost of Connectivity Studio as well, since EDI Studio is an add-on to Connectivity Studio. In order to be able to use our solutions, you would potentially need the following services, which would also affect the final cost: 


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Explore how you can easily configure unlimited integrations with any external system, track the performance of your business-critical integrations and effortlessly streamline EDI transactions.

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How Can To-Increase Business Integration Solutions Benefit You? 


Connect your supply chain seamlessly 

Easily connect your Dynamics 365 ERP with any external system and streamline document exchange throughout your supply chain.

1_Reap-the-benefits (1)-1

Reap the benefits of a single system or platform 
Perform complex integrations and data migrations, automate EDI processes, and create, validate, distribute, and control master data seamlessly from within D365. 

1_Simplify-integration-monitoring (1)

Simplify integration monitoring 

Improve the overall performance of your business integrations with real-time monitoring that helps you reduce integration failures and optimize slow-performing ones. 


1_Reduce-IT-dependency (1)

Reduce IT dependency
Enable quick and smooth integrations and easily set up new trading partners, customers, or 3PL vendors by easy configuration instead of cumbersome development. 


Overcome the limitations of Microsoft Dynamics
Eliminate the challenges of working with standard Microsoft tools to easily connect with your worldwide network without switching between systems or leaving Dynamics 365 F&O.

1_Gain a competitive edge (1)

Gain a competitive edge
Improve customer trust and satisfaction, improve business processes, and achieve a competitive advantage, no matter which industry you belong to. 

“To-Increase’s integration technology supports us in accomplishing a lot with very few people. All sales and transactions take place in Microsoft Dynamics and are managed through Connectivity Studio and EDI Studio. With this technology foundation in place, we save money and resources by running a single logistics department instead of four of them.”
Hank Morton
Director of Operations, McLane Global

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my price increase based on the volume of EDI messages?

No. Our pricing model offers a competitive advantage for your business because you enjoy the benefits of a flat subscription fee without having to pay additional charges as the volume of your EDI messages increases.

What are the potential price changes I can expect after the initial contract term?

During the initial contract period, you are protected against price increases. After the initial contract term, the price can be subject to change based on the yearly Dutch Customer Price Index (CPI) and sometimes due to other influencing factors.

What level of technical support can I expect after purchase?

At To-Increase, we offer a choice of support plans that provide you hotline support, release updates, multi-region support, or the flexibility of customizations. However, such additional functional or technical support comes with a cost. Standard support is provided free of cost to all our cloud customers, which includes access to our product documentation, upgrades, resolution of and responses to product-functionality-related questions.

Will I have to pay for any future updates or new features?

No. To-Increase regularly delivers newer versions for all our solutions – which include new functionalities and bug fixes – free of cost. Moreover, you will have access to new monthly software releases, including additional features, which bring more value to the table.

Looking for Customized Pricing?

James Smith

James Smith

Specialist UKI, DACH and Southwest Europe

To-Increase offers both EDI Studio and Connectivity Studio as a packaged offering, although you may purchase Connectivity Studio exclusively as well. However, if you are looking to invest in more To-Increase solutions and would like to get a customized quote, please reach out to us today.

James Smith

James Smith

Specialist UKI, DACH and Southwest Europe