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With this update, we provide you more information about our solution innovations and R&D to give you insights into our investments and direction for our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations solution portfolio. In this update, you also find an overview of the  solution availability

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Solution Updates

To-Increase Solution Updates for Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

Microsoft managed continuous updates for D365FO

Microsoft is gearing up towards the continuous update program for D365FO. This is a significant shift that has an impact on all stakeholders in the value chain. In case you have not done so yet, we highly recommend you read into the various publications that address the continuous update program, such as this one. The approach and impact on the To-Increase solutions are outlined below:

Compatibility with D365FO

For D365FO 8.0, Microsoft is delivering the hotfix releases on a monthly basis (8.0.1, 8.0.2, etc.). These monthly releases of Microsoft are backward compatible, so they do not require a new release of the To-Increase products. If a product requires a specific monthly release as a pre-requisite, then it is documented in the installation guide. For D365FO 8.1, we will move towards providing a monthly update. We will continue to work with Microsoft to align with specific monthly updates as Microsoft starts the continuous update program on 8.1.

As Microsoft moves towards the continuous update program, we will double-check backward compatibility, as it is critical for a smooth update.  To ensure compatibility of the To-Increase products with D365FO, we are participating in the Preview Early Adaptor Program (PEAP), where we will receive the first preview of a new release of D365FO. We will validate our solutions against this preview release. This will enable Microsoft and us the ability to make changes if required to ensure compatibility before the said release is made available.

The focus of the PEAP program so far is on major releases but going forward Microsoft will make monthly updates available via PEAP. Thereafter, we will be validating monthly releases in the same way for our solutions.

Timing of releases

We are moving all our solutions towards a monthly development cycle. This cadence is implemented already for Product Engineering and Advanced Project Management and we are in the process of implementing this for our other products in the coming months. This allows us on a monthly basis to:

  • Validate compatibility with the next (monthly) release for D365FO;
  • Deliver bug-fixes for our solutions;
  • Release new or changed functionality.

Our goal is to release along with the monthly update release by Microsoft. It will take time for all involved in the value chain to get in a rhythm, but we aim to have this fully up and running with D365FO 10 release in April. The monthly cadence is a baseline, if the nature of the fix requires this we can release also in a higher frequency as LCS best practices require hotfixes to be delivered as a release (in the past they were often shipped individually).  It may also be the case that no release is delivered for a particular To-Increase solution for a month (if there are no compatibility issues, no fixes, and no functional changes to deliver for that month).

If a release contains a new or changed functionality, we strive to make these non-intrusive and will always clearly document if they require specific actions.

If you have any questions regarding this do not hesitate to contact your To-Increase representative.

Product Engineering

  • A new release on D365FO 8.0 is released in September. This release contains an uptake of the latest BIS release for D365FO 8.0.

Advanced Project Planning

  • A hotfix release on D365FOEE 7.3 is released in September.

Advanced Maintenance and Service

A new release for D365FO 8.0 is released in September that adds important new capabilities like:

  • SLAs for service contracts, giving the option to track the performance of work orders against the SLA metrics defined in the service contract for the customer.
  • Automatic generation of service objects upon delivery (sales). Also, multi-level object structure can be created directly including maintenance sequences for creating work orders automatically.

SLA for contracts

You can define any number of metrics that need to be tracked as part of the service level agreement. Each metric is mapped against the response time that it targets in terms of work order execution. Upon work order creation, the applicable SLA is associated via the contract link. It is possible to link the work order to another SLA (if applicable). When the work order is taken through the stages of its lifecycle, the SLA metrics are determined and stored.

SLA for contracts

Maintenance sequence linked to the contract.

The service contract conditions often determine what kind of maintenance is to be performed. For example, for a gold level contract, a quarterly inspection is performed, whereas for a silver level contract, a bi-annual inspection is performed. To support this kind of a relationship between the contract and the maintenance as a part of that contract, you can now link the two together. The setup for maintenance sequence has been extended with an option to connect a maintenance sequence with a contract. The moment a contract is activated or terminated; objects will be added or removed from a contract.

Object profitability reporting

Reporting has been added to support analysis of object profitability considering the maintenance costs, chargeable work, contract revenue, and warranty.  The user can select the records, which should be included in the report or taken for analysis via excel.

Create objects automatically when the sales order is delivered

Creating objects out of the list of “pending objects” is automated while posting the packing slip. This can be done multi-level where the child objects are created based upon the production order that is pegged to the sales order. This also supports multi-company scenarios where the production order runs in another company. Object numbering can be based on the serial number of the delivery.

Create work order automatically at the moment of sales order delivery

It is desirable to have work orders in place for the objects that are delivered when posting the packing slip (For example, covering the installation and setup work at the customer site). At the moment of posting the packing slip, a Schedule Maintenance Sequence can be run automatically for this Object and Maintenance Sequence combination for 1 month. This results in work orders according to the maintenance sequences for the objects.

Invoice Workflow

What’s new and changed for Invoice Workflow:

  • A fully extended version of Invoice Workflow is now available on D365 for Operations.
  • Improved usability of the invoice overview form. We have moved the ‘notes’ field to its own tab to allow you to see more information in the main grid for your invoices.  You may now extend the invoice grid to see more line there and in the ‘invoice lines’ tab using the three dots in the middle of the form.  Click and drag to move up and down to view more lines and show less of the ‘posting’ and ‘workflow’ sections.
  • An updated hotfix release is due Q3 2018.  This will include any open issues remaining at the time of release and other changes made.
  • Invoice workflow for D365 8.0 will be released in early Q4 2018.

GovCon Solution

What’s new and changed for GovCon:

  • GovCon Solution for D365FOEE 8.0 is now available and is fully extended!
  • Our solution is also now approved and available on AppSource.
  • We have made improvements to the Indirect Cost Statement for ease of use in reviewing and saving the report.
  • The integrated version with To-Increase Advanced Project Management is due for release in Q4.

Dynamics Anywhere Mobility Studio

The latest release of Dynamics Anywhere Mobility Studio is available for D365FO 8.0, the release includes:

  • Test Manager Functionality – This allows you to add automated tests to your mobile processes. This new functionality will allow you to build and to automate test cases, which in turn allow you to test and validate your use cases and processes. This will also let you test the stability of your solution quickly after software or configuration changes have been executed.
  • Fully responsive stylesheets with state of the art User Interface (UI) – We redesigned our UI to make it fully responsive so that it can adjust and provide a seamless experience independent of the mobile device you are using. We now offer 6 new mobile UIs that are fully responsive. We also integrate font, an awesome icon library with over 200 new available icons.
  • Improvements to the License Mechanism – You can build your own libraries and license them. If you set your library licensing based on the number of users, the usage of the library can also be checked via monitoring workspace. This will allow you to have a better control of your applications’ usage.
  • Enhancements in the image control – A new control is now available which allows you to show images on the mobile device, which are stored in D365FO.

Dynamics Anywhere for Logistics

The latest release of Dynamics Anywhere for Logistics is available for D365FOEE 7.3 and D365FO 8.0, which includes:

  • Availability in 3 different options:
    • Logistics Standard which comes with the most basic warehouse processes;
    • Logistics Advanced which has the most important warehouse processes;
    • Logistics for Production which on top of the Logistics Advanced Processes also adds processes for picking of BOM and Receive Production Items.
  • Library-Based Solution – Our logistics apps are fully relying on homemade libraries, which allow you to connect our apps with Dynamics 365 logic. You can also use these libraries to build new processes, or you can extend them with new connections in a very simple and intuitive way.
  • Mobile processes design for Basic Inventory Management and Warehouse Processes (WMS I driven) – Our turnkey solutions are designed to support Basic Inventory Management processes (aka. WMS I). All relevant warehouse management processes are available for your workers in a way that they can execute their daily warehouse activities much more quickly and accurately.
  • Full support for Inbound, Inventory Management and Outbound Processes – Our apps allow you to manage the most relevant Inbound, Outbound or Inventory Management processes. You can execute receiving of purchase, transfer or return orders, cycle or spot counting, internal transfers or across-warehouse transfers, or perform sales and transfer order pickings among others.
  • Fully responsive modern User Interface (UI) – We have completely redesigned our UI to make it fully responsive so that it can adjust and provide a seamless experience independent of the mobile device you are using. We now offer 6 new mobile UIs that are fully responsive.

Solution availability Microsoft D365FO

Solution Availability

D365FOEE 7.3  D365FO 8.0  D365FO 8.1 
Invoice Workflow Available Planned Q4 2018 Planned Q4 2018
GovCon Not planned Available Planned Q4 2018
GovCon + APM Not planned Planned Q4 2018 Planned Q4 2018
RapidValue BPM Suite Available Available Planned Q4 2018
Security and Compliance Studio Available Available Planned Q4 2018
Mobility Studio Available Available Planned Q4 2018
Dynamics Anywhere for Logistics Available Available Planned Q4 2018
Product Engineering Available Available Planned Q4 2018
Advanced Project Management Available Available Planned Q4 2018
Advanced Maintenance and Service Available Available Planned Q4 2018
Advanced Project Planning Available Available Planned Q4 2018
Business Integration Solution (Connectivity and EDI Studio) Available Available Planned Q4 2018

We hope you get the most out of our new update!

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