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To-Increase Solution Updates for D365FO

EAM and Dynamics 365

    • For many years, To-Increase has developed solutions for the service and maintenance market. These are developed and sold under the name of Advanced Enterprise Asset Management for AX 2012 and as Advanced Maintenance and Service for Dynamics 365. Both solutions have the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Asset Service Management (ASM), and Mobile service modules.
    • However, the Work order planning and Service portal modules are available only for Dynamics 365. These modules are developed by our OEM partner Dynaway on top of which To-Increase adds specific functions and features, for example, the recently introduced SLA functionality for service contracts.
    • Microsoft has recently acquired the EAM module licensing rights from Dynaway; starting from October 2019, the EAM module will be integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365. It is important to note that this acquisition does not include the ASM and Mobile service, Work order planning, and Service portal modules, nor does it include the functionality added by To-Increase.
    • To-Increase remains focused on the Service and Maintenance domain, and we will continue to sell Advanced Maintenance and Service and support all implementations of the software. Nothing changes for customers on AX2012 and AX2009 who have implemented our EAM solution.  To-Increase will continue to support this functionality in line with the support agreement.
    • For Dynamics 365, we are committed to providing critical functionality as well as domain expertise for the Service and Maintenance domain. You can continue to rely on To-Increase for high value-add solutions and services that help our partners to win business and our customers to achieve quick time-to-value. Advanced Maintenance and Service provides significant capabilities on top of the EAM module. These capabilities help our clients achieve higher efficiencies, serve their customers better, and stay in control.
    • The capabilities that are only available via To-Increase include:
      1. Automatic asset creation upon delivery including creation from production orders;
      2. Create multi-level asset hierarchies for intercompany deliveries;
      3. SLAs for service contracts within D365 FO;
      4. SLA metrics for work orders;
      5. Installation of assets from delivery via automatically generated work orders;
      6. Complete integration with the Advanced Discrete Manufacturing solution;
      7. Integration of equipment management in projects that allow you to plan, budget, track costs, and maintain equipment throughout the project lifecycle across all levels of the WBS
    • For our partners, the uptake of EAM in Dynamics 365 opens several possibilities. The invested knowledge will mean an even bigger sales channel because of the expected global reach of the product. Partners can differentiate themselves as they already know a part of the upcoming standard Dynamics 365 functionality as well as the additional critical functionality.
    • For any queries, please contact your To-Increase representative.

The continuous update program for Dynamics 365FO

  • As specified in our solution availability page, most of our solutions are generally available for Dynamics 365FO version 8.1. We have adjusted our development and release processes to accommodate the monthly release cadence that Microsoft is adopting. We are working closely with Microsoft to ensure our solutions are compatible with the latest updates, at the earliest.
  • We recommend that you follow updates on our solution availability page to stay aligned with the latest updates on our expected solution availability.
  • The continuous update program marks an essential change in the way updates are delivered, and impacts all stakeholders in the value chain. Read this post to stay in tune with the latest communication from Microsoft.

Solution availability Microsoft D365FO

  • The availability of our solutions for D365FO is published on this wiki page. We update this page monthly to ensure that you have the latest dates. This initiative also allows us to update planned delivery dates more frequently which is essential as the whole D365FO ecosystem moves towards continuous updates.

What’s new?


  • Feedback feature
    A feedback feature is a standard and powerful tool to design a BPM system. Feedback on various BPM elements in RapidValue BPM Suite enables the creator of the feedback to reach out to the business process owners to review and act upon it if required. This allows the system to improve the quality of content for a continuously improving organization. Both the creator of the feedback and current owner of the business processes can view the progress.
  • Seamless solution data exchange using content packages
    You can now import a configuration from a content package. A content package consists of configuration data that is stored in RapidValue tables in XML format. A line exists in the content package for each record in a configuration. You can import a content package from and to any Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations environment that has  RapidValue installed, by setting up web service connections between the two machines.
  • Global Implementation Explorer
    The global implementation explorer feature provides multiple views with the RapidValue solutions displayed in a hierarchical structure with the current solution highlighted.  The explore tabs will the display the business processes, flows/sub-flows, activities, applications, and the requirements records in separate grids. You also have the functionality to pin any record to navigate to all the related records from the above list of entities. This provides a 360-degree drill-down capability with the help of the explore tabs and is extremely useful in global rollouts and large implementations with multiple solutions.

Advanced maintenance and service

  • Date interval for a maintenance sequence line 
    Specifying a date range for maintenance is possible. If a particular job is planned on a monthly basis but is required only during the winter months, the system will accordingly create work orders between November and March only.
  • Tolerance for overlap
    In case we do monthly and yearly maintenance, most companies, will skip the monthly maintenance when the annual is due. The user can set the overlap in days to determine if both work orders should be executed or if one can be skipped based on the number of days between the two planned orders.
  • Coverage for contracts or warranty editable
    In the work order journal, the system will calculate the coverage percentage for hours, items, and expenses based on the setup for a contract or warranty. The user can change the percentage, which will influence the total amount due on the work order invoice.
  • Offline item consumption on mobile
    The user can download the available inventory for a particular warehouse from AX on mobile. While offline, the user can consume items on the work order from this warehouse and synchronize the consumption once back online.

GovCon solution

  • GovCon + Advanced Project Management integration to be released in Q4 2018!
    This combines all the power of the APM solution with GovCon to offer additional functionality on projects for GovCon users. This includes the Advanced WBS, cost control, and change orders features.
  • GovCon Solution for 8.1 to be released in Q4 2018! 
    This update will contain new functionality to meet the new project WBS editing abilities in D365FOEE. It will allow the user to calculate the indirect costs on any changes made to the WBS after the quotation was converted to the project WBS.

Solution Availability

We hope you get the most out of our new update!

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