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Solution Updates

To-Increase Solution Updates for D365FO


Referencing Requirements across multiple business process and solutions:

In the older versions, one requirement in RapidValue could be linked to only one business process. Taking into consideration that one requirement could impact more than just one business process, the new version supports referencing requirements across multiple implementation projects. Therefore, this enhancement supports global requirement referencing across multiple implementations and locations.

RapidValue and Visual Studio Team Services Integration:

The new version of the RapidValue BPM Suite seamlessly integrates with the Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS). The integration is done by mapping business processes and requirements in RapidValue to work items in VSTS. The mapping involves saving items from RapidValue to VSTS (using specific mapping rules defined at the solution level) or by plotting existing work items to RapidValue elements. With the new version, it is also possible to refresh status in RapidValue from VSTS items.

Ability to Publish RapidValue Solutions along with Task Guides to Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Service (LCS):

The new version of RapidValue BPM Suite extends the ability to publish a complete RapidValue solution hierarchy with linked task guides to Lifecycle Services (LCS) at the click of a button. This feature reinforces the coexistence of RapidValue BPM Suite and Lifecycle Services. With this capability, we can enhance partner adoption, customer adoption, and customer satisfaction. RapidValue combines the best of breed BPM capabilities with application mapping. It uses LCS to connect with Microsoft Dynamics AX capacities by pushing the BPM data into LCS Business process modeler. LCS ALM tools can then consume this data.

Improved End user form guidance while navigating standard D365 FOE forms:

The RapidValue BPM Suite form guide allows process guidance to be embedded in any Microsoft Dynamics 365 forms improving execution of daily tasks. There are a couple of improvements – displaying the interactive form guidance ribbon in the D365, forms and including manual activities as well as My Process guide workspace.

Product Engineering

Product engineering is available for AX 2012 R3 CU13. This release contains the latest fixes, function and feature-wise, it is an as-is upgrade from Product engineering for AX 2012 R3 CU12.

As per the July release for Product engineering for D365 FO 8.0, the engineering change order workflow is improved. When integrating PDM and PLM systems, you can now create more granular interactions between the two systems while managing the change process in a controlled way. This enables richer integrations with a wide array of PDM systems. For example, when there is no or very limited change management capability in the PDM system then all steps in the engineering change orders’ lifecycle are modeled within Product engineering. During this lifecycle, multiple status changes can be triggered by the PDM system in order to reflect work that is done and thus manage the change process.

Advanced Project Management 

Advanced Project Management is now available for D365FO. The code is fully extension-based on top of the core D365 code base. As part of this release, Project change orders are now available. Next to the draft/publish mechanism which is already available, this gives a robust and transparent mechanism to manage scope and estimate changes to the work breakdown structure. With this capability, we provide project managers and project controllers, a powerful toolset to manage internal and external changes in a controlled manner.

Project change order has been re-designed in order to align with the advanced work breakdown structure, including the underlying, publish/draft mechanism. We have enabled the possibility to have multiple active change orders for the same activity. Other improvements include improved tooling to compare the changes to the current published work breakdown structure in a multi-level project structure.

As part of the re-design, status management to manage the lifecycle has replaced Project change orders workflow. Discontinued features within the project change order include the option to: create a new sub-project, change price via quotation statement, and create subcontracts.

For Advanced Project Management there are a number of features that are discontinued in comparison with the solution for AX 2012, these include:

  • Object structure creation from Project structure
  • Request for quotations for subcontracts
  • Project execution structure
  • Progress Bill rectifications and price revisions.
  • Partial release of retentions

Advanced Project Planning

Advanced Project Planning is available for D365FO 8.0. This release has the same functionality as the latest release of Advanced Project Planning for D365FOEE 7.3. A hotfix release on D365FOEE 7.3 is released in August.

Visual Project Planning for AX 2012 R3 CU13 is available. This release has the same functionality as the latest release of Visual Project Planning for AX 2012 R3 CU12.

Advanced Maintenance and Service

Advanced Maintenance and Service is available for D365FO 8.0. Now, in the Planning board, it is possible to plan multiple workers against one work order. The option is provided to plan the work order at a specific start time (instead of just the date). The planner can also enter a planning note to quickly indicate unavailability for a timeslot, for example: capturing a doctor visit.

Checklists have been reworked and improved in order to give the worker in the field an easy way to enter the required information. Counter values for an asset can be directly entered from a checklist. Furthermore, general measurements and conditions can be registered on the checklist. The conditional assessment against the object is planned to be replaced by the checklist on the work order. The setup and maintenance of checklists have been improved. You can build a checklist from one or more checklist templates in order to create extensive checklists while keeping the maintenance and setup in check.

Security and Compliance Studio

Option to compare Security Snapshots stored in the security setup:

As an extension to our fall release (security snapshots), we have added an option to compare security snapshots stored in the security set up. The snapshot comparison feature allows security officers and administrators to get a detailed comparative analysis between any two security snapshots for all security objects in D365 FOE setup like – users, roles, duties, privileges etc. Both, the single record compare and the full record compare options for the selected options are supported with multiple views. The user will now be able to see a log of modifications in the security set up with the ‘compare’ option. This allows the user to keep track of the changes, comprehend, and analyze them in order to improve and strengthen the security.

Enhanced Audit log capability to capture all the changes from development space (AOT) as well into Audit Log:

We have enhanced the audit log feature within the Security and Compliance studio to capture and register the changes made directly to the security objects from the development space (visual studio). Now, when a new snapshot is created, the new snapshot is automatically compared to the last one. Therefore, all the changes made in security configuration is captured in the audit log irrespective of where the changes happen – UI (User interface) or the Visual Studio. This new feature reduces time spent on internal IT audits significantly since auditors have dynamics access to view easy to understand and relevant data. This data is collected on global, role, and user level containing a log of security events across all legal entities. The audit functionality is further strengthened by the ‘security audit reports’ enabling the security administrator to track changes for around 40 different event types.

Business Integration Solution

Highlights of improved features for Connectivity Studio:

  • Simplified environment specific properties and an option to export them
  • Option of configuration deployed as a resource in the AOT
  • New mapping option for inventory dimensions
  • Possibility to split incoming files from Microsoft Excel allowing parallel processing
  • Improved document handlers with functional descriptions
  • Addition of new document handlers with more posting functionality like sales order confirmation and invoice
  • Introduction of SQL triggers to simplify the message events and improve performance
  • Optional inclusion of the source and the target document of the copy of the message

Highlights of improved features for EDI Studio:

  • New and improved journals for warehouse management teams
  • Process automation for posting confirmations and invoices
  • Document flow type extensions with warehouse management processes.
  • Improved and extended tutorials with predefined mappings.
  • Added check when the invoice is received and delivered for a purchase order. In case of a non-delivery, a new check type is added where the invoice cannot be processed until the order is received.

Invoice Workflow

What’s new and changed for Invoice Workflow:

  • Extended version on D365FO
  • Improved usability of the Invoice overview form
  • Updated hotfix release due Q3 2018

GovCon Solution

What’s new and changed for GovCon includes:

  • Due for release on D365FO 8.0 in Q3
  • Integrated version with Advanced Project Management (APM) is due for release in Q4

Dynamics Anywhere Mobility Studio

The latest release of Dynamics Anywhere Mobility Studio is available for D365FOEE 7.3 and includes:

  • Test Manager Functionality, which allows you to add automated tests to your mobile processes. This new functionality will allow you to build and to automate test cases that allow you to test and validate your use cases and processes. This will further let you test the stability of your solution quickly after software or configuration changes have been executed
  • Fully responsive stylesheets with state of the art User Interface (UI) – We fully redesigned our UI to make it fully responsive, so that it can adjust and provide a seamless experience irrespective of the mobile device you are using. We offer you 6 new mobile UIs that are fully responsive. We also integrate font-awesome icons library with over 200 new available icons
  • Improvements to the License Mechanism – You can build your own libraries and license them. If you set your library licensing based on the number of users, the usage of the library can also be checked via monitoring workspace. This will allow you to have a better control of your application’s usage
  • Enhancements in the Image control – A new control is now available which allows you to show images on the mobile device, which are stored in D365FO

Dynamics Anywhere for Logistics

The latest release of Dynamics Anywhere for Logistics is available for D365FOEE 7.2, which includes:

  • Available in 3 different options:
  • Logistics Standard which comes with the most basic warehouse processes;
  • Logistics Advanced which has the most important warehouse processes;
  • Logistics for Production, which on top of the Logistics Advanced Processes also adds processes for picking BOM and Receive Production Items.
  • Library-Based Solution – Our logistics apps are fully reliant on homemade libraries, which allow you to connect our apps with Dynamics 365 logic. You can also use these libraries to build new processes, or you can extend them with new connections simply and intuitively
  • Mobile processes design for Basic Inventory Management and Warehouse Processes (WMS I driven) – Our turnkey solutions are designed to support Basic inventory Management processes (aka. WMS I). All relevant warehouse management processes are available for your workers in a way they execute their warehouse daily activities faster and accurately
  • Full support for Inbound, Inventory Management and Outbound Processes – Our apps allow you to manage the most relevant Inbound, Outbound or Inventory Management processes. You can receive purchase, transfer or return orders, do cycle or spot counting, internal transfers or across-warehouse transfers, and perform sales and transfer order pickings among others
  • Fully responsive modern UI – We have completely redesigned our UI in order to make it fully responsive so that it can adjust and provide a seamless experience irrespective of the mobile device you are using. We now offer 6 new fully responsive mobile UIs

Solution Availability

Solution Availability

D365FOEE 7.3  D365FO 8.0 
Invoice Workflow Available Planned Q3 2018
GovCon Not planned Planned Q3 2018
GovCon + APM Not planned Planned Q4 2018
RapidValue BPM Suite Available Available
Security and Compliance Studio Available Available
Mobility Studio Available Planned Q3 2018
Dynamics Anywhere for Logistics Planned Q3 2018 Planned Q3 2018
Product Engineering Available Available
Advanced Project Management Available Available
Advanced Maintenance and Service Available Available
Advanced Project Planning Available Available
Business Integration Solution (Connectivity and EDI Studio) Available Available

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