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This is the update from april 2018.

Below, you find two types of information:

  1. Solution Updates tell you about our enhancements and plans for our solutions on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, and Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017.
  2. Solution Availability tables show you when our solutions are becoming available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, and Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017.

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Solution Updates

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Solution Updates


Microsoft Dynamics 365FO

News about RapidValue BPM Suite 

New functionality in RapidValue BPM Suite Available (March 2018):

RapidValue BPM Suite is compatible with the latest December 2017 release of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise edition, with platform update 12 or later. This release includes a number of important new capabilities and enhancements requested by customers and partners, that include:

  • Modeling Scenarios for a business process. You can now model scenarios for a business process with a flow assigned. A scenario can be, for example, a specific route through an existing flow. You can have multiple scenarios capturing different flow variations, each with their own task recordings. You can also create test suites and test cases based on these scenarios.
  • Defining and applying Text Templates. You can now define text templates that can be applied to descriptions and other formatted text fields in RapidValue. Text templates may be conditional by requirement type, gap type, etc. Default text templates can be applied when creating new records and also can be made to work in an on demand basis.
  • Ability to Publish RapidValue content to website. You can publish a solution or multiple solutions as a website. You can use this website directly from your file system or deploy it to a web server to share the solution on internet or internal SharePoint portal for knowledge management. You can, for example, publish a solution as a website for review of your solution or as online user guidance for employees who do not have access to D365 FOE.
  • Utilizing the new Business strategy Workspace. This release comes with a separate new workspace for managing Business strategy. The two key new features are Business model Canvas and Process Capability mapping. These complements the already existing capabilities to define organization strategy, mission, goals, KPIs along with evaluations.


Product Engineering

  • Product Engineering is released in a monthly cadence for the current D365 FO EE release. As part of this cadence we have released the 3rd release in March for Product Engineering on the D365 FO EE Fall release (7.3). The purpose of this release is fixing bugs and we have put engineering change management into Extensions, which is another major step to take Product Engineering out of the application suite which we plan to have achieved by the upcoming D365 FO EE Spring (8.0) release.
  • We have introduced PEPLM. This is a new import format for a PLM integration using a generic file. The customer can align their export out of PLM/CAD with this file and the PLM framework as we already had, will import this file and create/update products. The way of working is similar as with Teamcenter or PTC Windchill.  PEPLM supports the import of single products as well as complete product structures and product documents and fully aligns with the release and readiness capabilities of Product Engineering. Companies have a choice of importing and/or updating the products directly, or via the use of an Engineering Change order, if their PLM/PDM  or CAD system supports this as well.
  • A new release for Product Engineering on D365 FO EE Spring ‘17 release (also referred to as July update). This release contains bugfixes only, it does not add or change functionality.


Advanced Project Management

  • Advanced Project Management is available for D365 FO EE Fall release (7.3). This release includes a technical overhaul in order to align with Microsoft requirements to refactor over-layered code to extension based code. We are working in close alignment with Microsoft to move the remaining over-layered features to extensions per the upcoming D365 FO EE Spring (8.0) release, or per its subsequent platform updates. Some new functions and features have been introduced for quotation statements and currencies as well as for equipment pricing. For more details please see the release notes.


Advanced Project Planning

  • Advanced Project Planning is available for D365 FO EE Fall release (7.3). This release introduces some important new functions and features. There is a new Gantt control, which provides a more intuitive and richer user experience, both for Task planning as well as Resource planning. We have also enabled multi-project task and resource planning. This is important for our customers since a lot of them plan across projects, or want to plan all sub projects together. Together with the improvements in capacity planning this release enables the planner to optimally plan and staff his projects.


Advanced Maintenance and Service

  • Advanced Enterprise Asset Management is available for AX 2012 R3 CU13. This release includes functional improvements and also includes the uptake of the new UI for the Mobile client that was already made available on D365 FO EE earlier.


Security and Compliance Studio

  • Ability to create scenarios from D365 module menus: You can now model security scenarios for D365 modules. “Add module access” feature helps you to create a new scenario based on the complete list of a module menu items with a desired level of access types. This is of great help when you desire to have a security role providing you access to all or most of one module features.
  • Security Snapshots based performance and scalability enhancements: The entire functionality for Rebuild Data, Security Explorer and Match Roles revolves around the security objects (roles, duties, privileges and entry points) and the associations between them (duties assigned to role; privileges assigned to each duty, etc). All of these are kept in standard code that was preserved, externally, into a DLL. Using this DLL for multiple scopes in Security and Compliance Studio end up with a performance issues on the above mentioned business logics/functionalities.  We now have created a structure of tables to keep the data related to each security object and the association between them and easily access it directly from tables and also much faster. This has led to drastic improvement in the “Match roles” and “Rebuild data” programs performance.  This also sets the foundation for integrating RV with SCS later this year.
  • Improved “Create role wizard” based on a grid framework: “Create role wizard” is now based on a new grid framework making it a great user experience. This wizard helps you to create a new security role based on duties and privileges with letting you know the license type before role creation.
  • Accessing Security Explorer from all D365 FOE forms: This release comes with Security and compliance studio security explorer embedded in all D365 FOE forms. This provides a very useful way to analyze users and associated security objects (roles, duties, privileges, entry points) that have access to that D365 FOE form.
  • Option to create duties and SOD compliance check as well while merging roles: “Merge role” feature now comes with an option to create duties along with the privileges. Previously you can split up entry points in separate privileges by entry point type. Now you can create and associate duties as well for the different entry point type (action, display, output etc.). In addition SOD compliance is also ensured.


Business Integration Solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365FO Now Available

  • To Increase is pleased to announce the release of a new version of Business Integration Solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations update 3 and higher. This release not only addresses pertinent issues related to data model amongst many others, but we have also created some data migration features. Additionally, a lot of improvements and fixes have been added to the current release, too many to list them all. See key new functionalities.



NAV – Industrial Equipment Manufacturing

The latest release of NAV (2018 CU1) – Industrial Equipment Manufacturing includes:

  • Possibility to create multiple Purchase Quotes from the Job Item Planning for multiple Vendors at the same time.
  • Updated Manufacturing posting:
    • Normative times for work- and machine center routing lines can be posted automatically without being set as “point of completion”.
    • Mixed capacity calculation is available in which the capacity of the resource determines the capacity of the workcenter/machinecenter.
    • Production Planning page shows the status of the production order per routing line.
  • Possibility to create Production orders and Assembly orders at the Job Task End Date, which allows for a leadtime-planning for production or assembly.
  • Support for Direct Transfer functionality with additional warehouse setting checks.

Other important information:

  • In May To Increase will release the CU4 update of NAV IEM 2018. This version will be released in W1 as well as in the NL and NA localizations.

Nav – Food

NAV – Food

The latest release of NAV – Food Manufacturing & Distribution (2018 CU1) includes:

  • New functionality on the Visual Production Sequencer
    • Re-schedule automatically as in the Production Sequencer page.
    • Re-order functionality to change the order of Production based on rules set out in a separate subscriber codeunit. This could i.e. allow for automatic ordering of production orders based on allergen presence or Production time / quantity.
    • Planning-session management, keeping track of who is planning on what resources, blocking both the resources and the production orders from changes until the VPS-session has ended.
    • Undo-redo of planning-changes in the VPS.
    • Additional settings such as a Shop Calendar per resource, overtime-allowance, cross-shift allowance etc.
  • NAV anywhere for Food process update
    • Changes to existing processes to incorporate more functionality like Lot-status control, Lot-preference checks, container-management during picks and stock-count for non directed warehouses.
    • New processes like container-management.
  • NAV Food – TOM separation
    • Allo ld TOM – objects (in the 11 million range) have been moved into the Food range. Data-upgrade facilities are included.
    • It is now possible to split picks using Warehouse Pick Classes.
    • It is now possible to create a pick per source document when creating picks from Delivery Trips.


NAV – Business Integration Solution

The latest release of NAV – Business Integration Solution (2018 CU1) includes:

BIS functionality now subscribes to Codeunit 1. This ensures a complete separation of the BIS objects from standard NAV, making an upgrade or implementation of a hotfix release independent of changes made to standard NAV objects.

Nav – Anywhere

NAV – Anywhere

The latest release of NAV – Anywhere (2018 CU1) does not include new features but is a continuation of the current functionality.

All packages available at the To-Increase portal under the download section.
Solution Availability

Solution Availability

  Dynamics 365 7.3 Fall 2017 release Dynamics 365 8.0 Spring 2018 release
Invoice Workflow Planned Q2 2018 Planned Q3 2018*
GovCon Not planned Planned Q2 2018
GovCon + APM Not planned Planned Q3 2018
RapidValue BPM Suite Available  Planned Q2 2018
Security and Compliance Studio Available  Planned Q3 2018
Mobility Studio Available  Planned Q2 2018
Dynamics Anywhere for Logistics Planned Q3 2018 Planned Q3 2018
Product Engineering Available  Planned Q2 2018
Advanced Project Management Available  Planned Q2 2018
Advanced Maintenance and Service Available  Planned Q2 2018
Advanced Project Planning Available  Planned Q2 2018
Business Integration Solution (Connectivity and EDI Studio) Available  Planned Q2 2018

To get the latest information please reach out to your To-Increase contact person.

  NAV 2017 CU13 NAV 2018 CU1 NAV 2018 CU4 NAV 2018 Midyear CU Update
NAV-IEM (W1, NA, NL) Planned May ’18 Available Planned May ’18 Planned Q3 2018
NAV-FOOD (W1, NA) Available Available Not planned Planned Q3 2018
NAV-BIS (W1) Available Available Available Planned Q3 2018
NAV-Anywhere (W1) Available Available Not planned Planned Q3 2018
NAV-PE (W1, NA, NL) Planned May ’18 Not planned Planned May ’18 Planned Q3 2018

To get the latest information please reach out to your To-Increase contact person.

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