Partner agreement 

For To-Increase resellers (mostly VARs)

This agreement is used when conducting sales indirectly with an end-customer. It is not needed if you’re entering a Software Purchase Agreement (SPA) with To-Increase.

The partner agreement is in place to manage the situation in which To-Increase is delivering software products to a partner, who has a commercial relationship with an end-customer for delivery of To-Increase products, services, or both.

The partner is responsible for delivering the software to end-customers as well as claiming payments from them. The partner agreement regulates the delivery of To-Increase software to a partner (and not to the end-customer).

To-Increase will not have any direct relationship with the end-customers for the delivery of software or services, and as such this shall be the responsibility of the partner.

This agreement reflects the latest To-Increase Partner Program, which is in place to help partners in their go-to-market and sales activities.

In this indirect scenario, the end-customer will need to sign To-Increase’s Standard License Terms (SLT). The purpose of the SLT will be further elaborated on this page.

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To-Increase Reseller Agreement Document