Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA)

For companies considering To-Increase as a vendor

The NDA regulates the exchange of confidential information in the period before entering further agreements. Its purpose is to create a secure environment in which the parties feel comfortable sharing sensitive information in good faith. The NDA shall be used whenever To-Increase, as a potential vendor or partner, is part of a preliminary process of discussing a business opportunity with a customer or partner, and there is a likelihood that confidential information would be shared between the parties.

To-Increase will apply an NDA under the following three circumstances:
• To-Increase is sharing information
• To-Increase is receiving information
• To-Increase is both sharing and receiving information

Our NDA is built upon extensive international experience in customer needs. And, to this end, we have created 3 templates to accommodate the 3 different scenarios above.

The NDA shall govern only the sharing of information between To-Increase and the customer/partner. It does not cover or constitute any other relationship. Therefore, it is essential that the NDA does not try and regulate other parts of the relationship with the parties concerned.

To-Increase will not be able to accept or enter NDAs that govern any areas other than the disclosure of information. For instance, some customers or partners insert anti-competition clauses in the NDA to govern competition behavior or clauses regulating the transfer of intellectual property rights. It is a misconception that such terms should be added to an NDA, and To-Increase cannot accept such additions.

The NDA will expire once further agreements, like the SPA, MSA, or SLT, are entered into effect.

We have three types of NDA’s, downloadable on the right side of this page.

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To-Increase Non-Disclosure Agreement Receiving Template


To-Increase Non-Disclosure Agreement Mutual Template


To-Increase Non-Disclosure Agreement Disclosing