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Government Contracting

For Microsoft Dynamics AX

To-Increase GovCon for Microsoft Dynamics AX enables manufacturers, AEC companies, and other project-based businesses to manage compliance and run their government contracting and commercial business on a single ERP platform.

GovCon helps you ensure the timeliness and integrity of your compliance efforts while reducing their complexity and cost—directly from within the Dynamics AX environment. For instance, the solution saves you time by significantly reducing the steps necessary to accurately allocate indirect costs across project budgets and estimations.

To-Increase industry and business integration solutions complement GovCon with the specific functionality companies require to pursue innovation in their products and services, deliver an excellent customer experience, gain the visibility to make sound decisions and direct growth, and run the most efficient operations they can.

We package our industry and technological expertise in standardized processes for government contracting and other industries. You can incorporate them into your operations and the Dynamics AX platform to align the activities and systems in your government contracting and commercial business with your strategy, optimize processes for best outcomes, and ensure that all business roles support the company’s goals.

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Government Contracting for Microsft Dynamics AX

GovCon Features

Unified business platform

To-Increase GovCon integrates with our industry, business integration, and process management solutions to give you a centralized hub on Microsoft Dynamics AX where you can control and manage compliance efforts as well as your public-sector and commercial business.

Powerful compliance enablement

Government contractors rely on GovCon to facilitate compliance with regulatory frameworks such as Cost Accounting Standards (CAS), Federal Acquisitions Regulations (FAR), Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA), Defense Contract Auditing Agency (DCAA), and the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS).

Mobile dashboard app

Because project and business managers in government contracting need to know the status of projects at any time, To-Increase GovCon includes a mobile program management dashboard that provides real-time updates on project billing, milestones, and other key metrics. It also gives program managers an avenue for social feedback and collaboration to include company-wide expertise to deliver great quality, compliantly and in the most efficient manner.

Best practice-based processes

We make a wealth of industry and technical expertise and many years of R&D available in a large collection of proven, best practice-based processes you can use to optimize the roles and processes in your government contracting and private-sector operations.