Business Process Management for AEC Companies on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations

For AEC companies, value-driven business process management (BPM) with To-Increase RapidValue readies your processes and systems to promote the delivery of successful projects that meet contractual obligations and revenue objectives.

In the AEC industry, business process insight is often part of the many years’ experience of project and company managers, but it may not be captured and documented in a structured way. To-Increase RapidValue provides a practical, efficient environment where you can model and optimize your processes and ERP system for consistent project excellence. Value-driven business process management with RapidValue helps you achieve a fast, productive Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations implementation, manage efficient, non-disruptive upgrades, and align business processes closely with your growth and project strategies.

With a single, centralized repository for all content and documentation related to ERP implementations and business processes, you can drop inefficient, document-centric practices and give business and IT stakeholders a collaborative forum to drive ERP success and process improvements. Employees can rely on solution help and process guidance created in RapidValue to become comfortable with Dynamics 365 for Operations and understand their roles within a process context. The solution’s powerful content management capabilities help you maintain the integrity of business process management solutions, take advantage of BPM in standards compliance, and easily make global business model updates.

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Advanced Project Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations


BPM compliance management

In RapidValue, advanced capabilities for comparing BPM solutions, identifying content elements with version numbers, and safeguarding solutions and processes from unauthorized changes, help you maintain and demonstrate compliance with industry and corporate quality standards.

Extensive multi-language capabilities

Tools for creating, publishing, and presenting content in multiple languages make it possible to use the same RapidValue model internationally as you win and execute projects in different countries.

Centralized content repository

With a single repository for all content and documentation related to ERP implementations and business processes, you can let go of inefficient, document-centric practices and keep all stakeholders on the same page.

Social, mobile BPM

RapidValue INTERACT, a mobile app, brings business process management capabilities and collaboration on process optimizations to mobile devices, where employees can review processes and share ways to improve them.

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