30 March 2023

To-Increase Continues to Expand Footprint in Microsoft’s Dataverse With a New Data Quality Solution

To-Increase launches Data Quality Management solution for Microsoft's Dataverse

We have launched Data Quality Studio on Dataverse to help our customers considerably improve the data quality of all their applications on Power Platforms and Dataverse. 

Veenendaal, The Netherlands, March 2023 — Adding to our portfolio of data governance solutions for Microsoft’s Business Applications stack, To-Increase is excited to announce the launch of Data Quality Studio on Dataverse 

91% of data in Customer Engagement systems is incomplete, stale, or duplicated each year, as per this article. For example, companies struggle to create a single view of customers, making reporting difficult and sometimes inaccurate. With dirty data in the systems, deriving useful business insights and making critical business decisions is nearly impossible if you have unreliable data in your customer engagement systems. 

To help our customers improve and better manage data quality across their applications, we now offer data quality solutions on the most extensively used Microsoft Dynamics 365 Applications – D365 F&SCM & Dataverse. Our latest Data Quality solution will help you improve data quality across applications running on the Dataverse and Power Platforms.  

Why launch Data Quality Studio on Dataverse? 

According to this report, Microsoft’s Power Platform has over 7 million monthly active users (MAUs). As we see the trend of the adoption of Power Platform with 72% year-over-year growth (based on their Q1 2022 results), and the potential of the Dataverse, this is our latest solution on this platform and we are also exploring other possible solutions.  

Microsoft understands the importance of data validation and has therefore introduced business rules that will help their consumers improve data quality on their applications in Dataverse. However, these business rules are not comprehensive and only cover basic validations such as mandatory field checks, for example. Since data is growing and becoming more complex, our customers demand advanced rules to help them keep their data clean and consistent. Therefore, we are keen to add value and help customers improve the quality of their data across their customer engagement modules such as Sales, Field Service, Customer Service, Marketing, and also on custom-built Model driven apps, and Canvas apps with our latest launch. 

What is Data Quality Studio on Dataverse? 

Our low-code/no-code solution is configuration based and can be used for all tables across applications built on the Dataverse. The tool allows you to define validation rules at a field-level or table level and can then be used for any application across Power Platforms without additional configurations. The solution has been designed keeping in mind business users that might not have technical expertise and is therefore easy to use and needs no development skills.  

What are the key highlights of Data Quality Studio for Dataverse?  

  • Allows connections to external web services to validate details such as addresses, contact details, email addresses, and more 
  • Offers capabilities to define data pattern validations to ensure correct and consistent data is entered 
  • Enables complex conditions to be defined, for example, dependent fields  

The great news for our existing customers that use the solution on D365 F&SCM is that they will find the terminology and configuration for the solution on Dataverse familiar and easy to use. They will know the benefits of using a data quality management solution and should be able to get started with our solution on Dataverse with minimal training. Additionally, using the Dual Write functionality offered by Microsoft, the data quality rules defined on Dataverse can also be used on other Microsoft systems such as D365 F&SCM. 

No additional license is required to use Data quality studio. If you have a Dataverse license, it can be installed once you purchase the solution.  

What is on the roadmap of our Data Quality Studio solution for Dataverse? 

We will continue to enrich and maintain our solutions in the future. As a customer-centric organization, we are all ears to the pain points and use cases of our customers and partners and will try our best to solve them through our products. One quick way for our customers to share their feedback is the in-app feedback module in all our applications (click on the smiley in the menu) or you can reach out to our team. 
Besides any enhancement requests shared by customers, we also plan to add and optimize existing validations and add more features to improve our solution based on industry trends, new technologies, and in-house expertise. 

Want to explore our data quality solution? 

If you have a license for Dataverse and are keen to explore our Data Quality Studio on Dataverse solution, you can reach out to our experts so that they can understand your challenges and business requirements. 

Share your business case with our experts today!

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