Discrete Manufacturing
Discrete Manufacturing
PLM-ERP Integration Framework

Connect your PLM software with Microsoft D365 F&SCM

Shorten your product lifecycles and enable faster time to market with an intuitive, configurable integration solution in Dynamics 365.

Connect your PLM with Microsoft D365 Finance & SCM

Why should you use our PLM Integration Framework?


Easily adaptable and highly flexible

Connect PLM, PDM, and CAD systems with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain ERP system.


Seamless PLM-ERP integration

Establish smooth and well-designed integration supported by robust tooling to shorten product development cycles and enable quicker time to market.

Reduced set-up time and effort-4

Reduced set-up time and effort

Complete integration with minimal interruption to business, supported by experts with 10+ years of implementation experience.

What to expect from the key features

Key Feature

Automate BOM transfer

Enable automatic transfer of bills of material (BOM) to ERP faster and accurately, enhancing production speed.

Key Feature

Manage Version Control

Get a single view of operational information such as direct visibility into the consequences of version updates, and gain complete control of costs and schedules.



Key Feature

Increase release and change management efficiencies

Introduce an adaptable change management process for the BOM; create and update new item revisions.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to integrate PLM with Microsoft D365 using PLM Integration Framework solution?

Implementation time for standard out-of-the-box PLM-ERP integrations for Siemens Teamcenter and PTC Windchill is about 3-4 days. Configurable integrations for PLM systems, such as 3DX Dassault, and Ansys, or any other PDM or CAD systems takes 6-7 days.

What's the implementation cost of this solution?

The cost of PLM-ERP integration is subject to changes based on a number of factors. For a deep dive into the costs of implementing our PLM integration solution, read our blog: What Is the Cost of To-Increase’s PLM-ERP Integration for Dynamics 365?

Which ERP systems does your solution support?

To-Increase provides PLM integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain, AX, and Dynamics 365 Business Central.

How do I select a PLM-ERP integration that suits my business needs?

The right PLM integration for D365 F&SCM is crucial to avoid costly rework. Learn the factors to consider when selecting PLM integration, from gap analysis to calculating ROI, in this comprehensive guide: https://www.to-increase.com/manufacturing/whitepaper-guide-select-plm-integration-dynamics-365-fscm

To-Increase PLM Integration Framework

Connect your PLM with Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management ERP using an easy, point-and-click deployment. Import BOM into your ERP system and get insights into version control.


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