Mobile Service for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations

To-Increase Mobile Service makes service records, schedules, work orders, equipment counters, and other service-relevant information available to workers on their mobile devices. The solution helps businesses keep their equipment running and ensure the flawless operation of clients’ machinery.

Field service workers and managers delivering and coordinating services can use Mobile Service to view information and documents regarding their assignments, customers, and equipment to be serviced. The solution automatically syncs with data from Dynamics 365 for Operations and To-Increase systems when connectivity is available. Instead of spending time unproductively by making phone calls or traveling to an office location, field-based employees can focus on delivering services to internal and external customers. Mobile Service uses location and mapping information from mobile devices to support service delivery. It runs under all widely used operating systems and on popular devices.

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Mobile Service for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations


Availability of asset and service related information in the field

Provide field service workers and mobile managers with all detail on work orders, maintenance histories, asset counters, fault history, maintenance schedules, and more, without having to interrupt productive work to retrieve information.

Support of a wide variety of devices and environments

  • iOS (iPhone, iPad)
  • Android (mobile, tablet)
  • Windows 10
  • For the Kanban board and Planning board modules, large screens on tablets or laptops are required
  • Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox

Registrations on service objects or work orders

Allow service workers to register information and status updates on work orders and other service assets, which the solution syncs with the ERP system.

Online/Offline Support

Ensure that service-related updates in the ERP system are reflected on field service workers’ mobile devices whenever they have connectivity, so they can always rely on the most current information.

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