30 March 2020

Benefits of PTC Windchill and Dynamics 365 Integration in Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is continuously under the pressure to make products of the highest quality in the shortest time and within budget. In this blog, we'll talk about how a solution such as PTC Windchill PLM integration can be a helpful tool for manufacturers.

Mostly, we see a need for overlapping cycles in design and engineering works. Without a good collaboration, the process becomes risky and complex, causing delays and costly revisions. Therefore, modern-day integrations between Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) help engineers and operations personnel to integrate their work and improve supply chain agility.

One of the several benefits of integrating PLM and ERP that manage your Bill of Materials (BOMs) and product, respectively, is that it enables designing and manufacturing the right products within a suitable timeframe.

Similarly, our integration solution between PTC Windchill software and Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a collaborative interface between the two business systems for an efficient process right from design through production.

Some of the critical problems we've seen with customers using disconnected PLM and ERP systems face are:

1. Struggling to streamline and regularize their product and process information throughout a product lifecycle

2. Over-consumption of time and money to duplicate and maintain the same data across all the systems involved

3. Expensive and excessive ERP customizations in Microsoft Dynamics 365 that may not even give the desired results

If any of the above scenarios match with your pain points, integrating your PTC Windchill PLM and Microsoft D365 could bring in a lot of ease for you.

The PTC Windchill PLM integration is a solution that has been fine-tuned to offer a high level of flexibility and concurrent engineering to create a complex bill of materials (BOM). While eliminating the risk of costly data errors due to multiple entries, the solution fortifies collaboration between the entire design and manufacturing systems. Thus, it enables innovation, speed, and cost reduction.

What does the PTC Windchill PLM integration solution offer?

  • An out-of-the-box technology to integrate PTC Windchill PLM and Microsoft D365
  • One-click deployment to connect your PTC Windchill PLM with D365
  • Engineering change management to innovate in an organized and strategic manner
  • Design and engineering teams can easily share and work on product design information while maintaining control of all product versions
  • Successfully deploy any new product information across all operation application areas
  • Eliminate data silos and disconnected systems
  • Ability to take in engineering requests from different departments
  • Full control in a dynamic business environment

Benefits of PTC Windchill PLM integration solution

  • Shorten your product development lifecycles and accelerate the time to market through seamless, robust, and well-planned integration
  • Improved collaboration between your purchase, design, and engineering teams by managing software and product lifecycles within Dynamics 365
  • Get solutions that are designed by domain experts who have added features that focus on mitigating all problem areas, based on their deep expertise.
  • Quick implementation in as less as two weeks and with minimal interruption in the operations
  • It enables a real-time connection between engineering and operations to get the work started immediately.
  • Single entry of data without multiple interventions ensures data accuracy and helps avoid costly errors.
  • Flexibility in releasing from anywhere in a complex bill of materials facilitates continuous product engineering workflow.
  • A scalable and robust solution with the latest best practices and tools from PTC Windchill
  • Ready-to-use integration support for product flow, product structure, and other relevant data.
  • Start away just by configuring while we take care of other coding or development requirements.

Why PLM integration with To-Increase?

The level of automation that PLM-ERP integration can offer your business helps predict your customer and industry needs. As a result, your business can respond quickly to the demands and maintain an agile supply chain.

With the PTC Windchill PLM integration, you can streamline your entire supply chain and keep it running smoothly. It helps your business keep going amidst the unpredictable economic situation. It also automates your workflow, enabling you to stay ahead of the competition.

To-Increase is one of the leading integration solution providers for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Product Data Management (PDM) with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Likewise, we have been the go-to partner for the PTC Windchill and Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration, and can offer you years of experience and expertise in the industry.

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