18 September 2012

Using Supply Chain Design For Better Daily Processes

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There is a discussion going on and it involves different views. Some say it might be necessary to eliminate warehouses and its inventory, while others believe it’s a time to look at optimizing current processes and distribution systems. This is something, I believe, supply chain design addresses.

Supply Chain Design In Action

By looking at the supply chain execution processes that make the operation run, not solution features and functionality, you understand what you want to improve in everyday operations.

Supply chain design doesn’t focus on the solution, but on how to make the daily processes better. When you get into daily processes, you can model those practices within your system and create optimal process flows for your distribution and warehouse operations.

How do we go about creating this optimized system?

It’s important to remember the role of your people and systems. They can help gather requirements and put those together with what actually matters to extend related requirements and produce the desired warehouse processes.

With supply chain design, you look at processes and people first, then you look at system second. If you don’t, you’re putting the execution before the research and planning stage.

When you bring together the best of warehouse and distribution optimization and daily operations, you get something many warehouse professionals have dreamed about. Well, now it could be a reality – it’s up to you to make it happen, though.

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Guido van Osch
Guido van Osch,
Guido van Osch,
Service Director Guido van Osch is focused on delivering successful programs and projects and driving services, meeting customer needs and help businesses in manufacturing, food and distribution to take on new challenges. Working with customers and internal team members, he ensures programs and projects - and related services - are initiated, planned, executed, monitored and delivered in order to meet business goals. In his previous role within To-Increase, as Global Industry Director, he was responsible for the go-to-market of the cross industry solutions for business integration, business process management and supply chain solutions.

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