25 October 2021

To-Increase Launches a New App, Quality Management

We are happy to announce the launch of our Quality Management app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The app will offer a more digitalized, secure, and seamless experience that we continuously aim for our customers. 

Importance of Quality Management for Manufacturers today 

A quality management solution app adds the functionality to Business Central for a continuous process of identifying and reducing or eliminating errors in manufacturing. It helps to ensure a streamlined supply chain by inspecting incoming goods or outgoing shipments to improve customer experience and assist employees in delivering the expected quality. 

Manufacturers have been keen on automating and improving several parts of their operations for years. However, not many of them have realized the role that a quality management app can play in the digital transformation of their business.  
With the recent pandemic distress that the world is still going through, the cloud option has risen to the forefront. A cloud-based software solution can be beneficial and transformational for manufacturing operations. 
Benefits of cloud-based solutions for manufacturers 
A cloud-based solution helps simplify and streamline several operational aspects of your manufacturing business. Some of the benefits it offers are: 

  • Increase uptime
  • Standardize databases
  • Mitigate risks
  • Ensure compliance
  • Get the latest security without burdening your IT staff
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Review processes and apply best practices across the organization

To-Increase’s cloud-based Quality Management app and its benefits 
Our Quality Management app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC is an on-cloud extension that enables manufacturers to assess and record quality metrics in their operations with a consistent and efficient process to implement quality improvements. 


Errie Hazeleger, CIO at Confed, explains, We needed a good solution for incoming goods inspection with the possibility of also working with samples according to MIL-105D/E standards.  Registering intermediate (sample) inspections in production has also been a wish for some time.”

He further adds, “To-Increase’s quality management app is widely applicable and well-thought-out. We are currently only using a small part of the possibilities but see the potential for registration of, for example, deviations at all levels. The solution offers a solid foundation in Quality Assurance, and we are now able to easily show auditors the quality records of a batch or a delivery.”

If you’re looking to get a cloud-based quality management app for your manufacturing business, here are a few benefits that our solution can offer: 
A flexible, versatile solution 
Define a measurement on any table in MS Dynamics 365 Business Central and customize check sheets to your business process. 
Ensure zero defects 
Calculate sample sizes based on the Acceptable Quality Levels method and apply the results using check sheets to each lot or serial number, thus avoiding any defects. 
Record measurements for future analysis 
You can register the completed measurements to build a history you can refer to for future analysis. 
Improve customer relationship 
Create issue(s) and follow up on registered customer complaints and implement preventive measures. 

Owning an on-prem quality management solution can include hidden costs. It’s time to switch to a quality solution on the cloud to save those extra costs and gain more business value out of it. 

Want to know how our Quality Management app can help your manufacturing business? 

Adri Cardol
Adri Cardol,
Adri Cardol,
Product Manager - Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Adri Cardol is an experienced business consultant familiar with ERP implementations, distribution, and manufacturing. His expertise also includes integration of applications and e-business.

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