30 July 2012

Sustainability, Efficiency, the Environment and Discrete Manufacturing

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Today is today, but tomorrow might not be what we think. With more impact on environmental aspects and sustainable manufacturing growing, it’s a good idea to look to the future. With advanced discrete manufacturing you get a process that’s set for sustainable and eco-friendly processing. What about other manufacturing processes? How do they stack up?

Advanced Discrete Manufacturing and the Environment

Going forward with the evolution of manufacturing, we must have sustainability and the environment on our minds. If we don’t keep this in mind, we might not have a place to evolve our business.

To that, I saw an article on Logistic Management online, about environmental sustainability and manufacturing. In it, they go into how we need to look at the product footprint and into the Lifecycle Assessment. With these, us as manufactures will have a precise look into how our practices are impacting things, like: Greenhouse Gas Emissions and CO2 levels.

This is where, I believe, advanced discrete manufacturing will help us evolve manufacturing into a sustainable and environmentally friendly process.


Since advanced discrete manufacturing is the industry term for manufacturing of finished products that distinct themselves into items easily counted, touched or seen. At the end of its lifecycle, they can be broken down into their basic components and recycled.

For the term process manufacturing, it’s a different lifecycle. In this manufacturing, the product goes through creation by a formula or recipe to refine raw ingredients, which can’t be broken down into its basic components. This type of manufacturing only leads to a negative impact on sustainability and the environment.

Go Forward with Advanced Discrete Manufacturing

As we evolve, we need to also advance our look at how the manufacturing process impacts the future. Even more than ever, it’s important to look at things like advanced discrete manufacturing and create product that can be recycled or broken down into reusable components.

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