8 January 2013

How to Juggle Costs & Protect Margins with our Manufacturing Solution


Manufacturers are always looking for better ways to streamline their operations and reduce costs. With advanced discrete manufacturing for Microsoft Dynamics AX, you get these and other benefits, compared to process manufacturing. With a higher-level complexity and a need for more flexibility, this type of manufacturing helps keep costs down and efficiency up. Let’s take a look at a few important factors that help manufacturers juggle costs and protect margins.

Winning With Advanced Discrete Manufacturing

With warehouse systems, what areas are the best to improve? Let’s take a closer look:

  • Stoppage of work – As manufacturers rush to meet deadlines, there are times when work must halt, due to a change in schedule. With to Dynamics AX add-on advanced discrete manufacturing, this isn’t an issue. Since it isn’t continuous in nature and requires different inputs from different sources, a stoppage of work won’t impact the entire operation. For process manufacturing, since it’s undifferentiated, they rely on one process and a stoppage would bring the entire operation to a halt.

  • Eliminate waste – Waste is a big issue in manufacturing, and here’s another benefit of advanced discrete manufacturing. Since the product can get broken down into basic components, there’s a large reduction or even elimination of waste. In comparison, process manufacturing doesn’t hold the same and with no way to break down the product, it brings an increase in waste.

  • Reduce costs– Within advanced discrete manufacturing, you often see a higher complexity of work, for the individualized production of product. This puts a need for a high degree of flexibility in the system, which in turn yields more quality and faster time-to-market. With process manufacturing, you don’t have as much need for flexible operations and incur an increase in labor and inventory costs.

As you can see, advanced discrete manufacturing for Dynamics AX brings a host of benefits that help with elimination of waste, faster production times and significant cost savings. For those investing in this model, it’s already paying off for them.

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