Product Engineering Videos Show Powers of our Manufacturing-Suite

Jun 27, 2014 12:00:00 AM


To-Increase just finished producing a series of videos about the product engineering and product lifecycle management (PLM) integration in Advanced Discrete Manufacturing for Microsoft Dynamics AX. These videos are a great introduction for anybody who wants to understand how we facilitate effective product engineering and PLM, so pull up a chair and watch.

In these videos, we discuss release and readiness control and version management in addition to product engineering change management and PLM integration. With these capabilities in Advanced Discrete Manufacturing, we aim to help manufacturers innovate faster and more productively, shorten their time to market, and exceed customer expectations with the best possible product quality. Learn more about workflow-driven product engineering and change management as well as comprehensive PLM management.

The playlist for the series of product engineering videos is at Enjoy!

With any questions or comments, please get in touch with an industry expert.

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Martien van Dam

Martien van Dam

Having started his career with To-Increase, Martien has honed and contributed his expertise across multiple roles and domains for 15 years now. Besides Microsoft, he’s also worked closely with all kinds of stakeholders in the ecosystem—including software vendors, CFOs, Accounts Payable (AP) clerks/managers, logistics managers—and is cognizant of their challenges and needs. Therefore, as a Sales Specialist for our Business Productivity and Accounts Payable domains, Martien brings a balanced mix of different market perspectives from various global associates to the table. On the personal front, Martien enjoys meeting people and experiencing cultures, and has visited around 75 countries. He's passionately involved in voluntary work and loves spending time with his three kids in the great outdoors. Martien holds a Bachelor of Commerce in International Marketing Management and Business Process and Project Management.

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