26 June 2014

Product Engineering Videos Show Powers of our Manufacturing-Suite


To-Increase just finished producing a series of videos about the product engineering and product lifecycle management (PLM) integration in Advanced Discrete Manufacturing for Microsoft Dynamics AX. These videos are a great introduction for anybody who wants to understand how we facilitate effective product engineering and PLM, so pull up a chair and watch.

In these videos, we discuss release and readiness control and version management in addition to product engineering change management and PLM integration. With these capabilities in Advanced Discrete Manufacturing, we aim to help manufacturers innovate faster and more productively, shorten their time to market, and exceed customer expectations with the best possible product quality. Learn more about workflow-driven product engineering and change management as well as comprehensive PLM management.

The playlist for the series of product engineering videos is at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLe036_UYgHNe8ZT9z_z92x1yPw40i6Olf. Enjoy!

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Peter van Leeuwen
Peter van Leeuwen,
Peter van Leeuwen,
Manufacturing Industry Specialist

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