10 November 2011

Manufacturing Mining Equipment Management Processes Get Streamlined

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Looking back, the manufacturing mining equipment business once only involved delivery of machinery and components. Today, it seems to have evolved into so much more. I believe a new business model has emerged and it has transformed manufacturers into full service providers.

What’s the key element spurring on this evolution? A focus on streamlining manufacturing business processes – both internal and external.

Looking over others’ success, a great toolset is crucial to managing the transformation into a service provider. One tool that really seems to help manufacturing businesses have the right mix of integration and management capabilities is an end-to-end IT solution tailored to the needs of the modern manufacturer. With these products, I like how manufacturers can add faster response times to customers and add more efficiency to their processes without the burdens of outdated system constraints.

Now you may need more specific details about how these IT solutions might provide benefits to an industrial equipment manufacturer. To that point, let’s examine what end-to-end industry integration solutions can do for streamlining mining equipment businesses:

  • Streamline product lifecycles – Imagine getting your product requirements and your other product lifecycle phases under an umbrella that talks to PLM and simplifies product changes and version management. This greatly improves the time and resources needed to bring a product up from concept to production and even through maintenance intervals.

  • Meet customer demand – From putting together a quote to managing resources and costs for product delivery, you have a lot to keep in check. By streamlining these processes, you can optimize the Quote-to-Cash process and ensure your on-track, even during lean construction phases.

  • Improve operational performance – Having a real-time look into engineering and procurement gives you more ways to manage all processes. By optimizing operational performance, you also can reduce costs and inventory levels associated with each product.

Manufacturing mining equipment business has made leaps forward. With that knowledge, I believe manufacturers also desire to evolve their processes, but want more reasons to do so. Well here it is: Using IT solutions that help organize industrial manufacturing will streamline processes both internally and externally.

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Luciano Cunha,
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