14 April 2023

To-Increase Launches Complete Job Management Suite (JMS) with Manufacturing and Service Integration Module

We have launched Manufacturing and Service Integration as the third and final module of the Job Management Suite for Dynamics 365 Business Central, offering a complete job management solution to our customers.

Veenendaal, The Netherlands, April 2023 To-Increase, a global SaaS leader in Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications, is excited to announce the release of the Manufacturing and Service Integration module as the final piece of its Job Management Suite (JMS). This latest addition to the suite offers businesses a comprehensive solution for improved efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

About Job Management Suite 

To-Increase’s Job Management Suite, the cloud-based successor of Industrial Equipment Manufacturing (IEM), is a versatile solution that supports complex to simple projects, adaptable to various industries. The name change reflects the company’s goal of highlighting the suite’s advanced job functionality and expanding solution outreach to a broader customer base across industries beyond IEM.

JMS is designed for made-to-order, customer-focused project environments. It helps streamline project management and enhances financial transparency by facilitating project accounting. Unlike the quick selling and shipping in a sales order process, projects and jobs require to accumulate and record several cost types, which are then allocated back to a single project for financial review. With JMS, businesses can manage their projects effectively and meet financial goals. 

New Module added to the Job Management Suite

The JMS launch also marks the release of the third and final module of the suite, Manufacturing and Service Integration, to the two existing modules: Advanced Job Management and Resource Management.

While the Advanced Job Management module provides a comprehensive project management solution integration with the ERP, the Resource Management module offers extensive functionality for managing human resources in Dynamics 365 Business Central. With the new Manufacturing and Service Integration module, the suite provides a full-fledged manufacturing package.


Job Management Suite now available on AppSource

Job Management Suite is now fully aligned with the Microsoft Universal Code initiative, enabling seamless deployment of the solution from AppSource. This means that To-Increase customers can easily access and install the solution from a familiar platform, saving time and effort. They can enjoy increased flexibility, faster deployment, and improved scalability to achieve better business outcomes.


Adri Cardol, a product owner at To-Increase, explains, “For us, IEM is well-positioned in the market, but Job Management Suite covers a lot more than that. JMS excels in a typical project or job environment that involves anything to do with a project management viewpoint or reviewing the task structure from beginning to end in chronological order.”

To learn more about Job Management Suite and how it can help your project-based business, please check out our solution page.

Streamline your project management end-to-end in Dynamics 365 BC with the Job Management Suite.

Adri Cardol
Adri Cardol,
Adri Cardol,
Product Manager - Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Adri Cardol is an experienced business consultant familiar with ERP implementations, distribution, and manufacturing. His expertise also includes integration of applications and e-business.

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