22 April 2020

How is PLM and ERP Integration Helping the Leading Manufacturers Succeed?

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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) are two critical business units in a manufacturing company. While PLM manages the planning and engineering, ERP handles the production and operational aspects. And, the leading manufacturers have already realized how integrating these two business systems is helping them save time, money and gain efficiency.

In the past, we have many unfortunate incidents and accidents to understand that they could have been avoided with better collaboration in the entire supply chain. And, PLM-ERP integration helps different teams collaborate better.

The various processes that PLM and ERP deal with are closely interconnected. The same data flows through both the systems across different functional departments. When PLM and ERP work in silos, there is a huge risk of data error, which eventually leads to wastage of time and costly or irreversible scenarios even.


Some of the pitfalls of running PLM and ERP separately are:

  • Data errors that could cost the company heavily in terms of money as well as brand reputation
  • Defects in final goods which could
  • Expensive recalls that get
  • You or your consumers may end up in life-threatening situations
  • Your company may have to pay massive amounts as government fines and penalties

How exactly are the leading companies benefiting from PLM and ERP integration:

  1. Seamless flow of data between the two closely-related systems
  2. The centralized data shortens the response time
  3. It eliminates or mitigates the risk of errors and enables high quality management
  4. The change management is done efficiently


PLM and ERP have their own individual benefits, which becomes two-fold when they are integrated. As a result, your entire supply chain collaboration improves and a smooth, streamlined process in set in place.

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Peter van Leeuwen,
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